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One of the finest local releases this year.


90 / 100

Adelaide’s Weightless are the type of band who make fans quickly, and it is purely because of their music. The band members are extremely reserved and their live performances are fairly uneventful from a visual perspective, but the music, oh, the music…

The band has nailed the clean alternative rock sound of the late nineties and to sound this defined on a first release is truly astonishing. Granted the eight tracks on their debut Self Adjustment are all very similar but at no point during the album do things feel stagnant. The main focus is on the beautifully crafted guitar lines which steal the show in every track. Intertwining with each other perfectly, never moving above their smooth clean tones while the rhythm section keeps things simple and play a strong supportive role.

Vocally there is nothing to write home about however it’s not the point, the voice is just another instrument, there to support the collective of the song itself. Opening track Anxious In A Crowd backs its pretty harmonics with a gentle organ before the guitar layers take hold. The rolling drum line and reserved vocals seep their way in and carry the mood until the small break, at which point the guitars change up the pace and the remaining instruments follow suit to a spacious build up.

These songs have been well crafted and to listen to the record from beginning to end is a true delight. Whilst the playlist is extremely cohesive, the fact that the tones are the same in every song are the reason for the lack of diversity in sound, however with only eight songs, the record ends before your ears will grow tired.

The title track is faster paced, driven along by the drums before the intricate lead riffs of Museum Of Expired Life kick in. The tricky beat pattern and heavy melodies of Holding On make the song somewhat of a stand out, especially thanks to the heavier chorus section, but really, picking favourites on this record is a pointless activity as it should be enjoyed as a complete body of work. The album ends on the brightly toned European Holiday which once again is ruled by its perfectly constructed guitar lines.


Weightless are the most exciting new act to come out of Adelaide in a while, and the fact that they are so young means the best is probably yet to come. Get on board now so you don’t miss out on the brilliance this band will no doubt offer in the future.


1. Anxious In A Crowd
3. Museum Of Expired Life
4. Holding On
5. Summer Of John
6. Life Abroad
7. God Knows I Know No God
8. European Holiday

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