Like Moths To Flames – When We Don’t Exist


When We Don't Exist


Rise Records




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Nothing you haven't heard before.


30 / 100

There is something kinda cool about a band that doesn’t have a Wikipedia page these days. Clearly Like Moths To Flames trouble themselves not with these trivial, modern day expectations.

Unfortunately however, the time the band have saved making sure their Wiki page is accurate has not been spent working on an original metalcore sound (which may be an oxy-moron in itself these days). Like Moths To Flames began with former Emorasa vocalist, Chris Roetter along with some members from Terrafirma.

The songs all stick to a similar formula, kicking off with a metal guitar riff, building into a fast paced collection of slush with clean vocals chucked in for the chorus. The music would actually be extremely better without this last element, as they seem very out of place in contrast to everything else. The dirtier sections of songs like Faithless Living are acceptable and sound more cohesive than the melody drenched sounds of other tracks, but as a whole this is as generic as metal-core can get.

There are plenty of breakdowns, sometimes two per song, as it almost seems like the band have made no attempt at originality at all. If a highlight needed to be picked, which is tricky as no one song stands out, I would probably go with Your Existence, based purely on the fact that is doesn’t feature any clean vocals at all, if fact the vocal performance is the heaviest aspect of the song and worth noting.

The drummer is the most talented musician in the band and offers up an impressive performance which will probably be looked over due to lack of diversity. Seeing as this is the band’s debut album for Rise Records I can see why they may have felt that they needed to fit the roster, which they do extremely well, they have definitely succeeded in sounding exactly like all other Rise Records‘ metalcore bands.

The sound does change quite dramatically however at the end with the inclusion of a hip-hop beat and pop synths, oh no, wait, that’s my iTunes clicking over to Lil Wayne. My bad.


Like Moths To Flames have offered up a completely generic sounding record without a single attempt at originality, which these days, is just simply unacceptable.


1. The Worst In Me
2. GNF
3. No Hope
4. You Won’t Be Missed
5. Faithless Living
6. Your Existence
7. Trophy Child
8. My Own Grave
9. Something To Live For
10. Real Talk
11. Praise Feeder

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