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Sydneys finest produce a techincal wonder.


90 / 100

Discoveries is the debut full length from Western Sydney heavy hitters Northlane. Having one of the strongest work ethics to be exhibited by a national band since Australia’s favourite sons Parkway Drive (how many bands do you know have successfully played 25 shows in one month here, wow!) It’s unsurprising they caught the eye of premier home grown label UNFD and were subsequently signed on (a strong roster consisting of Deez Nuts, I Killed the Prom Queen and Dream On, Dreamer).

The level of musicianship exhibited on the album from a young band is truly jaw dropping and testament to the drive now pushing bands in our country. Album opener Dispossession contains one of the grooviest riffs you are likely to hear this year and has a twang that could open the heavens. While it’s no doubt Northlane have drawn a lot of influence from the current influx of Sumerian bands they have managed to avoid becoming another djent carbon copy which is the present hot new thing. The production on the album is as good as any international release you will come across this year, which is to be expected when metal lord Will Putney is taking care of the mixing and mastering procedure (Upon A Burning Body, Chiodos and Like Moths To Flames).

There has been a noticeable improvement in vocalist Adrian Fitipaldes ability to write and execute a clean ballad. See second track and album highlight Abrasument for a phenomenal chorus, very honest in nature and not butchered by auto tune. Instrumental track Discoveries provides some relief from the heaviness and at times is reminiscent of Misery Signals masterpiece, Worlds and Dreams.

While on the first listen it was somewhat daunting by how much was actually occurring in each song, with each subsequent listen you really begin to appreciate the time and effort that has gone into making such an album. Discoveries unveils its treasures to those persistent enough to hear its story. For those playing at home Metamorphosis appeared on their warmly received EP and has since had another look in with some rewriting and now appears heavier than ever.

While I still believe their opus is yet to come, this album will be more than suffice to tie over their rapidly increasing fan base locally while also attracting overseas label interest. Discoveries hits stores this Friday the 11th of November, go buy a physical copy of the album and give them a means to stay on the road. Catch them on tour this December with support from Byron Bay mosh wizards In Hearts Wake.


Australian release of the year.


1. Dispossession
2. Abrasumente
3. Comatose
4. Transcending Dimensions
5. Discoveries
6. Corruption
7. Exposure
8. Metamorphosis
9. Solace
10. I Shook Hands With Death

14 Responses to “Northlane – Discoveries”

  1. tome

    one of the most exciting heavy bands to come out of western sydney in a long time. credit to them, the live show does not disappoint in comparison to the record. a lot tighter and more interesting than any other band playing similar shit on our shores, whilst remaining retardedly heavy and having really decent melodic passages. Am so stoked this comes out of our local scene at such a high quality. this and the storm picturesque’s debut will blow minds

  2. JyrdeezJanuary

    If anyone hit lower than 10/10 votes their is something seriously wrong with you.
    I mean come on, Northlane is the greatest and nicest band i’ve seen that are from the Blacktown distict. They signed my shoes, i ate lunch with them, got photos and everything.
    I just wish they played more all age shows and not in pubs and bars all the time ><

  3. Lapdadday19

    @nunnchuckz (1): Yo Dude. You Can’t Just Go Judging People By The Way They Their Vocalist Wears His Hat. Northlane Is an Amazing band. You Should Respect That.

  4. nunnchuckz

    Lapdaddy, if you are a consumer of music you know how important aesthetics are to the scene. I just think he looks like a gigantic dickbag with his hat to the side haha, nothing against their music.

  5. Anonymous

    agree with iMarcus and SteveC. Really like this album, but australian release of the year, I think not. (and no way its getaway plan either)

  6. Anonymous

    almost gonna renig on my comment above. love this album, may not have been best aussie release of 2011, but pretty damn close. don’t really care what they wear either

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