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Another Sydney hardcore band proving they have what it takes to keep up with the big boys of the scene.


74 / 100

The NSW hardcore scene is bursting with talent and The Bride are definitely living up to expectations. The Sydney 5-piece has already built a strong following with the release of their two EPs Synchronized Steps To The Sound Of Their Guns (2007) and The Divinity Devoured (2009), and with the amount of attention they have gotten with their debut full length President Rd this is only set to continue.

One of the most recent additions to the UNFD roster, The Bride have spent the better part of the last four years building up an impressive touring roster, playing shows with some of the biggest Australian and International hardcore and metalcore bands to grace our shores. Along the way The Bride has built up a reputation for putting on high energy, entertaining, live shows and President Rd is testament to that.

The album is quite short, featuring 11 tracks but only clocking in at just over 25 minutes. Nevertheless, it is 25 minutes of fast, frenzied, chaotic hardcore that proves there is still hope for a genre that has become repetitive and tired as of late. President Rd is sure to leave you wanting more – in the best way possible of course.

The album opens with “Athazagoraphobia” a quick intro track that leads into the album. Ironically enough, the track is named after a fear of being forgotten or ignored, but if the amount of attention The Bride have been getting because of this album is anything to go by, they will be on the radar for quite a while.

The first official track of the album is “Condolences”. The track immediately opens with heavy vocals carried by chugging guitars and drum lines. The intensity picks up as the vocals become lightning fast, frenzied instruments accompanying them. The track leads into a more melodic section that provides a quick break from the chaos. “You Hung Yourself” is a much shorter track, but you wouldn’t guess it by the amount of tempo changes it fits in. Switching between frenzied sections and low tuned mosh sections the track fits a lot into its 81 seconds. One of the album highlights is the title track "President Rd". It takes vocalist Kevin Schultz’s raw screams and layers them over a more upbeat, pop punk sounding track. But never fear, the chaos is not last as the energy in this track is just as high.

Padme” is another shorter track that opens with crashing drums leading into a blistering heavy section. The energy is at 100 from beginning to end. “Costigan” continues The Bride’s assault, this time incorporating punk and hardcore elements. Guest vocals from Heroes For Hire add a new element to The Bride’s sound in the form of clean vocals, and when they are layered with Schultz’s harsh vocals it works exceptionally well. “War Widow” is definitely a track to check out. While it isn’t quite as in your face as the other tracks the energy is definitely still there. This time clean vocals are provided by Jenna McDougall from Tonight Alive, and the contradiction between the two vocals only adds to the dynamic, creating what is arguably the best track on the album. “Sea” closes the album in what can now be fashioned as “true The Bride Style”. The energy is back up as the band power through the final track. Melodic instrument lines compliment crashing drums, ending the album on a high.


If the attention The Bride is getting from their first full length is anything to go by, these boys are going to be around for quite some time. Combining down tuned mosh sections with frenzied lead guitars, explosive drums and blasting bass lines, President Rd is definitely a well overdue addition to the somewhat repetitive and predictable hardcore and metalcore scene.


1. Athazagoraphobia
2. Condolences
3. You Hung Yourself
4. President Rd
5. Padme
6. Like Weezy
7. Corleone
8. Costigan
9. The Further
10. War Widow
11. Sea

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