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At the Gates - Dark Tranquillity - In Flames


Another chapter in the melodic death metal stylebook.


73 / 100

Swedish melodic death metal (loosely by the way of Greece in this case) is commonplace within the heavy metal musical make-up. It’s consistent, it’s enduring and it has a certain comfort factor to it. Nightrage is one outfit who has stalwarts At the Gates, Dark Tranquillity and a number of other notables fingerprints all over it. Some because of the direct influence and others because of the direct link between the two bands.

With former At the Gates and one-time Nightrage frontman Tomas Lindberg returning in a guest vocalist capacity, studio album number five ‘Insidious‘ is worthy of appeal.

True to vocalist Antony Hamalainen‘s claims, this album plays straight down the line, is identifiably heavy and has an understated malevolence attached. The fact that the line-up from predecessor ‘Wearing a Martyr’s Crown‘ remains intact gives ‘Insidious‘ continuity, predictability and an uncomplicated approach.

The interest when it comes to releases like such and albums of a similar ilk is not necessarily one outlined by supremacy, but rather defined by what each band can offer a genre that has spawned the likes of ‘Slaughter of the Soul‘, ‘The Jesters Race‘ and ‘The Gallery‘. With production wizard Fredrik Nordstom manning the mixing and mastering boards, ‘Insidious‘ receives a healthy treatment, which is both heavy and melodic simultaneously.

Delirium of the Fallen‘ begins with that trademark harmonic guitar line that screams Dark Tranquillity. While tracks such as ‘Hate Turns Black‘ employ a similar approach. It’s almost a crescendo styled song construction where the pulse gets louder and fiercer as the track plays out. ‘Poignant Memories‘ is your quintessential double-kick, distortion heavy play a-long. Title track ‘Insidious‘ is again abrasive but tempered by subtle rhythmic melodies.

Additionally, Johan Nunez‘s drum work is refreshing, with the skinsman holding his own despite giving almost a decade’s worth of experience away to his fellow bandmates.

In many respects, ‘Insidious‘ is a narrow release that doesn’t deviate out of its genre and subsequent styles but as a listener you don’t really put on a Nightrage album expecting a carbon-copy of Dream Theater.


‘Insidious’ doesn’t really bring anything new to the table. Essentially, it’s a representation of what’s come before it. However, this is not a point of detraction. When what’s preceded this type of release is of a high quality, a slight replication still provides its own highlights and enjoyable moments.


1. So Far Away
2. Delirium of the Fallen
3. Insidious
4. Wrapped in Deceitful Dreams
5. Hate Turns Black
6. Sham Piety
7. Cloaked in Wolf Skin
8. This World is Coming to an End
9. Utmost End of Pain
10. Poignant Memories
11. Hush of Night
12. Poisoned Pawn
13. Solar Eclipse (prelude)
14. Solar Corona
15. Emblem of Light (outro)

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