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Awake (EP)


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It's Trash Talk, you know the drill.


78 / 100

Trash Talk really do embody hardcore. Both in a classical and contemporary sense. It may seem like a throw away line or rather a common sense claim. But it’s still worthy of mention. In a time where we are seeing bands perform in choreographed and conforming manners, where every move and every song structure is pre-determined by what is considered popular, Trash Talk play by their own rules.

In many respects Trash Talk‘s location is symptomatic and equally speaks volumes of this. While Los Angeles, San Francisco and the burgeoning SoCal scenes share main billing in California’s musical landscape, Sacramento is like the little brother – forced to work harder because nothing is handed out for free. Hence, it seems fitting that Trash Talk are hellbent on speaking the loudest and making their presence felt through their own abrasive, raw yet highly-structured and dynamic dose of brutality.

Intermittent EP release ‘Awake‘ picks up from where ‘Eyes and Nines‘ left off. "Come to Cali, we’ll beat your fucking ass," proclaims the intro to the trailer video for the title track that supports this release. It says it all really. In its own literal, assertive and overtly profound way.

Trash Talk‘s music is immediately endearing and a memorable run of shows earlier in the year as part of Soundwave only reinforced the appeal.

At times, ‘Awake‘ has that chaotic and discordant feel that featured prominently on Converge‘s iconic ‘Jane Doe‘ and at similar times the EP plays out in a more straight-forward way, a la The Bronx-like. The fact of the matter is, ‘Awake‘ is not an exercise in diversity, with five tracks clocking in at a combined total of eight-and-a-half minutes each track is fast, aggressive and clear. Opener, ‘Awake‘ is probably the most well-rounded, while ‘Burn Alive‘, despite adopting a more standard structural approach is another that will sit comfortably. Of the remainder, ‘Blind Evolution‘ shifts slightly to the punk side of the band’s spectrum.

Trash Talk are one of those bands that can simultaneously be claimed and liked by metal, hardcore and punk fans alike. If you can’t find a reason to feel assured in hardcore’s direction with releases like such and This Is Hell‘s recent offering ‘Black Mass‘ then you need to seriously re-evaluate your standards and gross expectations. Another honest EP that is best served when playing loud if nothing else.


‘Awake’ may be over before the listener feels it even started but as far as five track, eight minute releases go this will leave a lasting impact. This isn’t involved or detailed but it is nevertheless dynamic. Just take this one of face value.


1. Awake
2. Slander
3. Blind Evolution
4. Burn Alive
5. Gimme Shelter

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