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Earth Divisions EP


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What happens when Mogwai mellow out.


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Following up on the brilliant album ‘Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will which came out earlier this year, post-rockers Mogwai have released a little EP titled ‘Earth Divisions‘.

When compared to past Mogwai offerings this EP is extremely mellow, opening track Get To France is a hauntingly beautiful piano instrumental composed by guitarist John Cummings which is supported by a subtle string section.

This is followed by Hound Of Winter, a song that the band describe as a “power-free power ballad.” Its placid acoustic beginning features softly spoken vocals and a harmonica as the disorderly string section slowly swells in the background never pushing the song too hard.

Third track Drunk And Crazy is the standout of the whole EP, once again using piano and strings as its main instruments, the song is rounded out by a stack of guitar noise and a minimalist electronic beat. Producer Paul Savage played quite a heavy role in the formation of the tracks, especially on Drunk And Crazy which the band claim was a bunch of random noise before Savage’s arrangement.

The EP closes with Does This Always Happen? a very simple, stripped back song that revolves around a central guitar and string line, the strings waver in and out whilst a piano dances around randomly, a part which was apparently improvised whilst recording the song and managed to make the final cut.


‘Earth Divisions’ is not the type of EP that you would necessarily want to have in the car, or on at a party, or for any reason other than to focus on and enjoy some simple yet brilliant pieces of music. It is different to the progressive rock you would expect from Mogwai but in the same regard it matches their style perfectly.


1. Get To France
2. Hound Of Winter
3. Drunk And Crazy
4. Does This Always Happen?

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