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Dead Throne


Roadrunner Records (AUS)



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Continuing their move to a heavier sound.


77 / 100

The latter part of The Devil Wears Prada‘s musical career to date is a classic example of how one can go about re-inventing, progressing and developing their sound for the better. Look, when you’re young mistakes are common in nature. But, it’s fair to say the path (at least in a music sense) that TDWP were following early on seem destined to lead them to a dead-end reserved only for band’s with a likening for derivative, generic and indifferent dribble.

It was hinted at when third studio album ‘Withs Roots Above and Branches Below‘ dropped and more than supported when last year’s impressive EP ‘Zombie‘ hit shelves, but in the last two-and-a-half years, these Ohio metalcore lovers have transformed their sound into a fresh, driving and consistent style. Essentially, the band has broken free from the screamo, ‘core-scene’ stranglehold and stamped themselves as a group with genuine claims.

While TDWP‘s predecessor studio full-length was surprising, this time around the expectation is going to be more severe. When you display a certain level of performance, the means by which we judge are going to be more profound.

Album four entitled ‘Dead Throne‘ shares the heavy elements found on ‘Zombie‘ and gives it a bit more density and variety. It flows nicely and each track seems well-guided. Mike Hranica certainly does his best to introduce more guttural delivery into the main vocals. It’s that linear progression that fans expect, not too mention hope for.

While opening and title track ‘Dead Throne‘ begins in not the most attention grabbing of circumstances, the album slowly finds its feet. ‘Mammoth‘ is arguably a symptomatic adjective. It appears that’s what TDWP are going for this time around.

Born to Lose‘ mixes DePoyster‘s melodic hooks well and provides the best example to highlight the direction and themes of the overall release. ‘Chicago‘ slows things down while ‘Constance‘ keeps things moving with the tag-team vocal delivery, which additionally features As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis.

Dead Throne‘ is a tough one to articulate and assess. When the band were distancing themselves from the multitude of screamo and metalcore groups it was easier to make the sound appear more supreme. However, this time around TDWP are intent of matching it with the big boys when tackling heavier moments. In perhaps an overly harsh judgement, this album probably doesn’t pack as much punch as ‘Zombie‘ or ‘WRAaBB‘. However, ‘Dead Throne‘ is still clear and assured and has enough trademark and signature elements to keep fans happy.


At the risk of using a well worn-out musical phrase, ‘Dead Throne’ represents The Devil Wears Prada’s most mature release yet. Fortunately they haven’t fallen back into any bad habits that plagued the band’s earlier releases. Studio album number four is once again a release the group should feel proud of. Yes, it has flaws but it has a lot to like too.


1. Dead Throne
2. Untidaled
3. Mammoth
4. Vengeance
5. R.I.T.
6. My Questions
7. Kansas
8. Born To Lose
9. Forever Decay
10. Chicago
11. Constance
12. Pretenders
13. Holdfast

6 Responses to “The Devil Wears Prada – Dead Throne”

  1. FireEscape

    If you worried about music and not your own image you’d realize plagues was a massive step up from their first album and showed great signs,had some really good songs.
    Sadly at the time it came out it was really cool to hate on.

  2. sime619

    i thought plagues was hit and miss, mostly miss. Roots was the breakout album and they havent looked back… will be at billboards gig. Dig this album a lot so far, agree holdfast is one of the better tunes.

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