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Are You Gonna Eat That?


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Super fine speedy Aussie punk rock.


80 / 100

I don’t think there has been a more hilariously controversial album cover released this year than the one for Perth band The Decline’s second record, ‘Are You Gonna Eat That?’ Upon listening to the album however, the cover seems fitting as The Decline’s brand of punk rock is fun and light hearted but with an underlying message which you can take or leave.

The Decline have been doing some heavy touring around the country in support of their debut full length ‘I’m Not Gonna Lie To You’ topping it all off with the new release which should cement them as one of the finer DIY punk bands in the country.

The record kicks off with the fast paced A Crash Course In Emotional English, and to be fair the pace never really slows down for the duration of the album. The rhythm section is locked in, playing with the prowess of a band who have spent a fair bit of time together with the dirty guitars busting power chords a plenty in true punk fashion.

This is followed by Showertime In The Slammer which has an old school Offspring feel to it thanks to the direct guitar riffs and darker tones. The dual vocal work of Dan Cribb and Pat Decline creates a form of aggression and strength that make the vocals more of a feature than they usually are in skate punk such as this.

The lyrical content is surprisingly serious touching on topics such as society, relationships and touring life, which has obviously been the band’s main reality of late. The pace and structures of the songs tend not to change up too much which makes the mid-section of the record blend into itself a little but the ears will prick back up again when the melodies of Worlds Apart II kick in. The album ends with Addison another speedy number with long soaring melodies and great harmonies.


The Decline have the ability to deliver important messages in a super fun way and ‘Are You Gonna Eat That?’ is full of well written, and recorded, punk rock tracks that deserve to be heard, and seen, when the band comes to a venue near you, probably soon.


1. A Crash Course In Emotional English
2. Showertime In The Slammer
3. Excuse Me
4. $hit Yeah!!
5. You Call This A Happy Meal?
6. 66B
7. Human Exports
8. The Financial Equivalent Of A Complete Rectal Exam
9. Worlds Apart II
10. Rooftops
11. 2006
12. Addison

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  1. mattyp

    another awesome release from a hugely underrated band. dont know how they didnt get a support slot for frenzals recent tour. maybe next time eh

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