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Rising Sun


Sumerian Records



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Norma Jean - The Chariot


Energetic, unique sounding hardcore.


90 / 100

Stray From The Path have a very unique style of hardcore, it kind of has a nu-metal attitude to it, from back when nu-metal was cool of course. There is plenty of bounce and groove, the vocals, which fall in between a scream and a yell, are often chanting catchy little lines that work in tandem with the guitar riffs, which are as far from standard hardcore as you can get.

The band’s sixth record, ‘Rising Sun,’ doesn’t really vary in style or sound from the last release ‘Make Your Own History,’ but then again, it doesn’t need to. If ‘MYOH’ did one thing, it left listeners hungry for another serving, and ‘Rising Sun’ is here to satisfy that hunger.

If the band can do one thing, it’s pick killer opening tracks. Lucid Dreaming from ‘MYOH’ is case in point but ‘Rising Sun’s’ opening title track proves it further. Big drum sounds and in-your-face attitude straight from the first second let you know that you are in for a wild ride, and oh yes, the chants.

The songs are kept short making them all the more vicious as the record powers through Death Beds, which features guest vocals from The Ghost Inside vocalist Jonathan Vigil, and the guitar driven Mad Girl.

Lyrically the band have taken a huge leap forward delivering direct and honest thoughts on subject matter including religion, relationships and even thoughts against those amongst their peers who overuse technology when making music in iMember.

There are more brilliant guest appearances including Comeback Kid’s Andrew Neufeld offering impulsive burst of fury on Bring It Back To The Streets and some very impressive chorus work from Norma Jean frontman Cory Brandan on one of the record standouts Prey.

The rhythm section is constantly frenzied and there really is never a dull moment or time to take a breath which is exactly what the band wanted.


‘Rising Sun’ picks up where ‘Make Your Own History’ left off, and is an intense ride of energetic aggression, full of melody without ever sounding too sweet. Stray From The Path know how their unique take on hardcore/metalcore is meant to sound, and they do it very well.


1. Rising Sun
2. Death Beds (feat. Jonathan Vigil)
3. Mad Girl
4. Bring It Back To The Streets (feat. Andrew Neufeld)
5. iMember
6. Dead Rabbits
7. Prey (feat. Cory Brandan)
8. Center of Attention
9. The Laughing Man
10. The Escape Artist
11. Crashing Down

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