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Revolutions: Live At Wembley






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A great performance from a fine tuned act.


85 / 100

Due to the kind of exposure they have had in Australia most of us probably don’t realise the magnitude of Biffy Clyro in other parts of the world. The band, who have been together for seven years, have had more than a million record sales in the UK alone. So whilst a headline show at Wembley may seem strange for a rock band that has had a mere couple of singles on our airwaves, it actually makes perfect sense.

I have always had a large amount of respect for three piece acts that can produce a big sound, which sums this group up extremely well. Granted they have some synthesised help to create colour and atmospherics, but the majority of the force is produced by the main three members.

It is clear that the many years of experience the band has had have really locked down their sound, the set opener The Captain confirms this with clear tones and brilliant harmonies. This particular package offers two discs, audio and video, the latter of which really gives you a clearer idea of the exciting live show the band produce.

Whilst it is fairly unnecessary for all band members to play without shirts it can be excused considering the amount of energy they put into the performance. As the title suggests the set list puts a large focus on the band’s latest record ‘Revolutions,’ however there is quite a spread from their back catalogue included in the nineteen songs.

The mid-section of the set turns acoustic including beautiful versions of Diary Of Always and Folding Stairs, which makes the highlights list along with the haunting Many Of Horror and the powerful set closer Mountains.

The DVD also offers some bonus features including a performance of Only Reflections live from ‘T in the Park,’ and a track by track commentary from the band members.


For those who are unsure of their feelings towards Biffy Clyro, or simply just don’t know them that well, this little package will more than likely make you a fan. The performance is excellent and the song selections do well to give a great overall look at the band and show that the back catalogue is worth investigating. If you already are a fan, you already know what’s going on so sit back and enjoy.


1. The Captain
2. Booooom, Blast & Ruin
3. 57
4. Bubbles
5. Born On A Horse
6. God And Satan
7. Whorses
8. All The Way Down; Prologue Chapter 1
9. That Golden Rule
10. Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies
11. Shock Shock
12. Folding Stars
13. Diary Of Always
14. Machines
15. Who’s Got A Match?
16. Saturday Superhouse
17. Many Of Horror
18. Glitter and Trauma
19. Mountains

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