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Ruining it for Everybody


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Polarising but undeniably intriguing.


74 / 100

Iwrestledabearonce are a band that opens themselves up to ridicule. Rightly or wrongly, in many casual observers eyes, the Louisiana based group seemingly have a bigger target on their back than most. However, this in itself speaks volumes of the over-judgmental side of heavy music currently.

It seems any band that doesn’t play their music with a stern-faced, iron glazed, serious look are considered less serious and consequently less worthy of respect. And that’s just never-ending, simplistic rhetoric. We can say over and over again, but haters are always going to hate. While we don’t want to see generic dribble saturating our ears, at the same time we don’t want to see bands that sap any semblance of fun from music exist solely.

That is why IWABO are arguably endearing. They are somewhere in the middle. Their schizophrenic mesh of genres and tongue-in-cheek humour is refreshing and intriguing if nothing else. Look, if you don’t like what is being presented, then fine. Don’t listen. But for a bit of entertainment that has an equal amount of proficiency, ‘Ruining it for Everybody‘ is an interesting listen. It’s unpredictable yet well-structured and almost revels in forcing listeners to scratch their head and question what the hell is going on.

Beginning with the electronic, avant-garde, metal mash-up ‘Next Visible Delicious‘, the initial song saves you a lot of time. If you don’t buy into the album in its introduction period then the subsequent tracks won’t offer much, but for the rest, in its quirky way this sound is quite captivating. Main song ‘You Know that Ain’t them Dog’s Real Voices‘ is more straight down the line while ‘It is Bro isn’t It‘ is one of the album’s heavier moments.  

Of the remainder, ‘Karate Nipples‘ is clearly the pick of the bunch and perhaps the most calculated and affirming track, showing that amongst all the created absurd musical themes, the group have direction and balance.

You just know that a lot of metalheads and hardcore kids are going to hate this. Each to their own I guess. But this album plays by its own rules, offers its own individual take on things and for that deserves some praise and recognition.


There is absolutely no in-between here. Love it or leave it seems to be the most fitting and prevailing assumption. However, ‘Ruining it for Everybody’ will present some solid, interesting and perhaps even mesmerising moments if you can set aside any prejudices about how a traditional metal band should conduct themselves.


1. Next Visible Delicious
2. You Know That Ain’t Them Dogs’ Real Voices
3. Deodorant Can’t Fix Ugly
4. This Head Music Makes My Eyes Rain
5. It Is "Bro" Isn’t It?
6. Gold Jacket, Green Jacket
7. Break It Down Camacho
8. Stay to the Right
9. I’m Gonna Shoot
10. Karate Nipples
11. Button It Up

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