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Walking In Storms






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The band step their game up for record number two.


85 / 100

Adelaide’s Mere Theory would have to be one of the longest serving bands of the local scene who have constantly offered quality output. The much anticipated follow up to their 2007 full length ‘Catalan Atlantis has finally arrived, and Walking In Storms shows that the time behind the band has led to their most refined and mature sounding music to date.

The group’s unique sound is present in the opening guitars of first track El Nino Lifts Its Wings, featuring thundering instruments which drive the songs and create the perfect canvas for vocalist Chris Mellow’s smooth soaring voice. Next up is the first single Break Through, for which you can find a very cool film clip on the net shot at the Adelaide roller derby, and is the album’s standout chorus being both powerful and catchy.

Black Honey begins with a staggering pace that opens up into an atmospheric and swirling chorus combining the classic Mere Theory sound with some new ideas. There is a healthy balance on this record of the sound people will find familiar and some new ground, which would of course be expected on a band’s second album and Mere Theory do not disappoint.

Things soften in the mid-section with Remedy (Is You) and We All Stand In The Same Room, the latter containing another chorus that will stay stuck firmly in your head. When listening to songs like Another Day you can’t help but be reminded of the great Australian rock scene of about five years ago, in which Mere Theory cut their teeth, when bands like After The Fall and Trial Kennedy were at the top of their game.

The record ends with the piano laden We Can Start Over and the appropriately titled The Closing Scene, a song that builds up to sporadic drumming and an aggressive but inspirational conclusion.


Mere Theory have more than earned their stripes and ‘Walking In Storms’ proves that they still have what it takes to not only be named one of Adelaide’s finest exports but one of the countries best rock acts.


1. El Nino Lift Its Wings
2. Break Through
3. Searchlight
4. Black Honey
5. Remedy (is You)
6. We All Stand In The Same Room
7. All Walls Will Fall
8. Another Day
9. Raise Your Sights
10. We Can Start Over
11. The Closing Scene

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