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A great mix of well-established artists and up and coming musicians that will cater to everyone’s tastes.


70 / 100

Mixtape is The Push’s FReeZACentral 2011 Compilation, which was released with the July issue of Triple J Magazine. This year’s annual compilation is made up of a double CD featuring a track from every mentor and mentee in the 2011 FReeZACentral music industry-mentoring program.

A bit of background information; The FReeZACentral program, is a Victorian Government initiative managed by The Push and Mushroom Marketing. Since 2004, around 50 young Victorians have graduated from the program each year.

Mixtape is divided into two discs, the first is 20 tracks that can be blanket-described (but not limited to) indie sounding tracks, and the second is 10 heavier, rockier tracks. It is safe to say there is something here for every musical taste. Each disc alternates between mentor (established musical artist) and mentee (up and coming musician) and this gives both discs a very well rounded feel.

None of the songs by the mentor’s are exclusively recorded for the compilation disc, so they are songs you may already know. This provides a great balance with the mentee’s songs, tracks you may never have heard but you are sure to remember.

Let’s start at disc one. It opens with ‘Here She Comes’ by Skipping Girl Vinegar; it is a great, cutsie-pop track to open the compilation. Also featured on this disc is indie-darling Jen Cloher, comedic musician The Bedroom Philosopher (not with the tram song), Electronic hip hoppers Disaster!, Angie Hart and a bunch of other well known Australian artists.

You already know how talented these musicians are, and the tracks they feature give you a reminding taste of this. What may surprise you is how flawlessly the mentees’ tracks flow between the mentors’ tracks. If you didn’t know better you would assume they were all acclaimed artists. Stand out tracks are Josh Romig’s ‘River Mouth’ with his crisp clean vocals and mature, ready-for-radio sound, 8 Bit Love’s ‘3:32’ they are an electronic rock band with a very Art-VS-Science-y feel and Yokey’s ‘Green’ another soloist with a mature, crisp sound. Honourary mentions go to Glam 80’s rock outfit The Red Jane Show for their track ‘Forget About Tomorrow’ and Stephen Bowtell Band with their bluesy, jazzy feel on ‘Hypnotize’.

Disc Two steps it up a few notches and brings the harder rock tracks of the compilation. It opens with a new track, ‘Engage’, from veteran Australian imports, Shihad and immediately the divide between the two discs is drawn.

The first half of the disc features poppier-rock songs but from track 6 the disc is straight up heavy.

Along with Shihad you will also recognize Cola Wars, House Vs Hurricane, The Abandonment and Be’lakor. Each of these bands is a strong addition to the compilation, and just like the first disc the transition between mentor and mentee is almost seamless, proving the strength of these up and coming bands.

Stand out tracks on this disc are female-fronted, pop-punk band Brighter At Night with their track ‘Behind Painted Walls’ they sound a lot like Tonight Alive and Paramore (also female fronted) but have a great, energetic vibe, and metal bands Ennui Breathes Malice with their interestingly titled track ‘On The Seventh Day, God Created Myspace’ and Infected’s ‘Razorblade Freedom’.

Overall the compilation is a great success and every mentee should be proud of their efforts. The tracks come together almost seamlessly and this cd proves just how strong the talent of The Push’s FReeZACentral program is.


As mentee John Lingard said, “Mixtapes are all about discovery…the gift of new music never gets old.” And that is definitely the case with Mixtape. It is bound to be very hit and miss depending on personal preference, but there is definitely something to cater to everyone’s musical preferences. The CD provides a great and exciting look at some up and coming talent in the music industry. Just like every other compilation CD, there is a treasure chest of musical goodness waiting to be explored, so see what you can find.


Disc One

1. Skipping Girl Vinegar – Here She Comes
2. Josh Romig – River Mouth
3. Jen Cloher The Endless Sea – Mother’s Desk
4. 8 Bit Love – 3:32
5. Disaster! – F.A.I.L
6. The Bedroom Philosopher – Leaving My Hairdresser
7. No Love For Lexi – Miss Relenting
8. The Pictures – Im Safe
9. Yokey – Green
10. John Lingard – Electric Strike
11. Ellen Kibble – Red Throat
12. Grand Salvo – Road
13. Angie Hart – Ask
14. Since We Kissed – Jazmin Et Cigarette
15. Siobhan – Penny Farthing
16. Ashley Naylor – Raking Up Leaves
17. Lloyd Spiegel – Ten Miles From Your Door
18. Stephen Bowtell Band – Hypnotize
19. The Red Jane Show – Forget About Tomorrow
20. Mick Thomas – AFB

Disc Two

1. Shihad – Engage
2. Brighter At Night – Behind Painted Walls
3. Cola Wars – Lost Lonely
4. Sons Of Messengers – Beautiful Nights
5. Seconds – Vanilla
6. House Vs Hurricane – Positively Shifted
7. The Abandonment – The Wolf
8. Ennui Breathes Malice – On The Seventh Day, God Created Myspace
9. Infected – Razorblade Freedom
10. Be’Lakor – From Scythe To Sceptre

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