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Let's Cheers To This


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Plenty of musical talent, lacking in fresh ideas.


70 / 100

Following up their debut ‘With Ears To See And Eyes To Hear‘ which gave the band an equal serving of positive and negative reviews, Sleeping With Sirens are back with ‘Let’s Cheers To This.’ The reason the reviews were split down the middle is because although people could recognise the band’s musical talents, they were scorned for sounding vastly un-original. Unfortunately not much has changed, which makes this a tricky band to review as the music on the record is done well, and is very enjoyable, but you can’t help from getting a little bored.

Post-hardcore laced with touches of pop-punk is the best way to describe the band’s sound, opening track Do It Now Remember Later, is a perfect example of this setting the tone early for what is to follow. If one thing is slightly different on this record compared to the last it is the heavy lenience towards “radio friendly” songs, tracks such as Who Are You Now and If You Can’t Hang, which feature a solid rock sound with super catchy chorus lines primed perfectly for the mainstream.

One of the stand outs is Four Corners And Two Sides, which blends all of the various genre elements the band touch on with their hooky melodies topped off with an aggressive attitude. Hitting their stride with this track and its follower, A Trophy Father’s Trophy Son, another highlight, thanks in part to its well placed group vocal lines which add to the emotion of the song about abandonment in a very effective way.

The record ends with the title track, a soaring hard hitter that shows off the impressive vocal range of front man Kellin Quinn who moves effortlessly between falsetto and a stronger main voice managing to drive the track turning the rest of the band into a support for the voice.


If Sleeping With Sirens have achieved one thing with this release, it is a step towards a more mainstream sound therefore a bigger audience. They have managed to do this with blatantly sacrificing their sound and have ended up with a solid record however it won’t be winning any awards for originality which will probably reduce the amount of spins it is given.


1. Do It Now Remember It Later
2. If You Can’t Hang…
3. Who Are You Now?
4. Four Corners and Two Sides
5. A Trophy Father’s Trophy Son
6. Fire
7. Tally It Up, Settle the Score
8. Your Nickel Ain’t Worth My Dime
9. Postcards and Polaroids
10. All My Heart
11. Let’s Cheers to This

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