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Quality on both sides of the split.


80 / 100

The final record in Into It. Over It.’s "Twelve Towns" series, where Evan Thomas Weiss, under his Into It. Over It. moniker has been releasing records with his pals, where he has been documenting his travels in several American towns. This time around he has teamed up with former tour mates Such Gold, who contributed two new songs, and their first new material since their “Pedestals” EP. The two sides of the split are quite different, creating a good contrast between the two, and a great way to put the "Twelve Towns" series to rest.

Kicking off the split are the two offerings from Into It. Over It., proving once again that Weiss is one of the most promising songwriters in music today. “Washington, DC” is the more energetic and upbeat tracks of the two, showcasing Weiss’s engaging vocal abilities. Fans of the IIOI/KOJI split will be drawn to this song, and while it may not be quite as good as those tracks, it is still an impressive way to get the split started, and sets the standard for the rest of the tracks to come. The second track “Portland, OR” is more of an indie-influenced number, with more of a mellow, Death Cab For Cutie-esque feel to it. I can’t help but feel the track ends too soon, and if it had gone on a tad longer, it could’ve been better than it already is. Nevertheless, it is a worthy addition to the ever-growing Into It. Over It. catalogue, and should help build excitement for the new full length to be released later this year.

The Such Gold side of the split, kicks off with the energetic “Minstrels”, which definitely one of the best tracks the band has produced to date. Lyrically this is a refreshing track, with front man Ben Kotin taking a shot at bands who are only in music for the money, with his passionate delivery of the lines “I thought that music was an expression of one’s soul/I guess that means that yours was sold/And when you stand to think it doesn’t mean a thing.” Closing the split is the fiery “The Word That You Live In”, which shows all the elements that have made Such Gold one of the real bands to keep your eye on. From the infectious guitar lines by guitarists Nate Derby and Tim Heald, backed by the pounding drum beats of drummer Devan Bentley, the band always creates an interesting song. The track ends with Kotin belting out the line “fuck the world that you live in”, which is sure to translate well in the band’s live shows.


The split is a great way to end in Into It. Over It.’s Twelve Towns series, offering two great tracks from Weiss, and shows once again why Such Gold are beginning to become a force to be reckoned with worldwide. Both of these acts will be releasing new full-lengths at some stage this year, and if the material on this split is any indication, they will be ones to look out for.


Into It. Over It.

1. Washington, DC
2. Portland, OR

Such Gold

3. Minstrels
4. The World That You Live In

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