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Incredible vocals and great music from a promising band.


90 / 100

Following 2009’s breakthrough LP ‘A Little Faster’, ‘The Verge’ marks Florida band There For Tomorrow’s second full-length release. This was the first I’d heard off this band since I found their track A Little Faster on a Warped Tour sampler album, and surprisingly I was incredibly impressed. There For Tomorrow are so often (wrongly) lumped into the category of bands like All Time Low and Mayday Parade, when there is far more depth and talent within this band. There For Tomorrow are more akin to the likes of Anberlin or heavier Thursday, but with smooth, emotive vocals reminiscent of the infamous Jonny Craig. ‘The Verge’ comes filled with 10 perfect, engaging and powerful tracks, showing high promise from this increasingly popular band.

First track The Verge opens atmospherically, before progressing into the punchy, cohesive rock sound that embodies the rest of the album. Finely crafted, powerful rock melodies with the perfect balance of edge and polish. This leads into Nowhere Blvd, an incredible blend of heavy guitar, paced drums and powerful choruses, all brought to life with the flawless soaring vocals of Maika Maile. The Joyride flows beautifully, with dance-inducing guitar underlays and choral crescendos. Hunt Hunt Hunt’s steady rock beat will have you dancing, while 18 will have you engaged and singing along. Each track has its own unique feel while the album still feels incredibly cohesive. Slip Inside (the Barrel of Your Gun) is a highlight, with Maile’s vocals at their best and and a steady, deep bassline under beautifully building choruses. BLU sees the album slowing down and taking an unusual turn- an emotive piano ballad, but far from your typical throwaway ‘emotional track’ from alt-rock bands. Maile’s falsetto is flawless throughout, and this is an unexpectedly wonderful and distinctive track.

The energy comes back up for closer Stopwatch Affair, heavy and affecting with the same steady-paced build as the rest of the album. Each track builds and flows flawlessly, and while there’s nothing particularly edgy or revolutionary here, this is some well crafted, well executed, damn good music. There’s no sign of filler in The Verge– just 10 great, cohesively meshed tracks.


This band is often discarded and categorised as a throwaway pop-rock act, but they are far from it. This is a cohesive, well-produced collection of emotive, heavy rock tracks.


1. The Verge
2. Nowhere BLVD.
4. The Joyride
5. Hunt Hunt Hunt
6. Circle of Lies
7. Get It"
8. 18
9. Slip Inside (The Barrel Of Your Gun)
11. Stopwatch Affair
12. I’d Be Changing If I Were You

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