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Under Soil And Dirt


Pure Noise Records




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New Found Glory - Lifetime - Maker


Modern day pop punk masterpiece.


98 / 100

By now you should have noticed this quintet of pop punk adolescents making a solid name for themselves, gaining more and more recognition worldwide week after week. As The Story So Far‘s split EP with Boston’s Maker turned heads earlier this year, their latest sophomore Pure Noise Records debut full-length ‘Under Soil And Dirt‘ has proved once again that they are a huge impact on the genre and show no signs of restraint.

Traditionally The Story So Far open the album with their signature short but sweet introduction full of catchy lead guitars, soaring melodies and pacing drums. The moment front man Parker Cannon‘s vocals commit you are instantly hooked, the standard is set and high expectations are made. Following ‘States And Minds‘ is the memorable ‘Roam‘ supplying one of the many addictive choruses that will remain plastered in your brain throughout the whole album. Now it is literally impossible for me to define a favourite track but ‘Quicksand‘ was a track that appealed to me immediately when officially posted by the band earlier last month. This was fans first taste of ‘USAD‘ and there was no way TSSF could make a more satisfiable first impression.

During the course of the album there are major signs of improvement throughout the rhythm section especially in fourth track ‘Swords And Pens‘ where Ryan Torf‘s skills are put to the test ending in a rather gratifying conclusion, but complex isn’t always the key to a successful riff, it is harder to create and write something so simplistic and memorable yet original at the same time. In ‘High Regard‘ guitarist Kevin Geyer provides a remarkable lead hook, which blends perfectly with Cannon‘s unforgettable chorus melody. After hearing the first half of the record nothing is drastically different with the material written however in ‘Daughters‘ and ‘Placeholder‘ the band takes a low-key approach which still comes across infectious as ever. Acoustic tracks are usually a make or break when placed on a release, but with a range of acoustic material in their catalogue already this is familiar ground for the band. ‘Placeholder’ provides the perfect variation that you need in a full-length, but don’t expect Cannon‘s vocals to be any different to the rest of the album, his vocal range is almost at it’s peak in this track.

Taken from the Maker split, the track ‘Mt Diablo‘ is featured on the album re-recorded, with additional vocals and subtle harmonies to make this track a great inclusion, as well as the full band version of acoustic track ’Rally Cap‘ which subtly differs from the original. Closing the album is the ironically titled track ‘Closure‘. This solid effort is made up of all the pop punk elements you could want, it will tempt you to air drum, you’ll bop your head and Cannon‘s vocals will send shivers up your spine.


The Story So Far have crafted a record full of pure goodness, in my eyes a modern day pop punk masterpiece that Pure Noise Records can be nothing but proud of having in their catalogue. Seeing as this is The Story So Far’s debut album and not one member is over the age of twenty, I cannot wait to see how they top this with further releases. This bands future is looking brighter than most and I am excited to see the success they will eventually bask upon.


1. States and Minds
2. Roam
3. Quicksand
4. Swords and Pens
5. High Regard
6. Daughters
7. Mt. Diablo
8. Four Years
9. Rally Cap
10. Placeholder
11. Closure

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  1. blackbird

    Really Awesome record, can’t wait to see them live (april 2013 at Groezrock and May 2013
    at my home town), worth every penny (download cost only 8 US-$)

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