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Good For Me


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A step forward for the band in sound and song writing.


75 / 100

It seems like no matter what happens to The Swellers, what label they sign with, what tours they do or bands the associate with, their records will be consistent and true to form. Back with their fifth record, ‘Good For Me,’ their second on Fueled By Ramen Records following 2009’s ‘Ups And Downsizing,’ The Swellers prove, once again, that they are the most out of place band at that label.

You certainly won’t find any auto-tuned punk-pop here, as the band maintain their gritty style of punk influenced rock which this time round has taken a more alternative swing. Producers Bill Stevenson and Jason Livermore have managed to keep the group’s sound intact whilst adding a little polish.

Opening track Runaways is a powerful beginner with an extremely catchy guitar melody that drives the song. You would expect a band to sound fairly accomplished and comfortable by their fifth record, which The Swellers do, but they also allow each instrument in the band to shine when it needs to making the music a very team effort.

The band’s hometown of Flint has always been a big source of inspiration for the group’s lyrics and it pops up again in Parkview in which front man Nick Diener sings about home staying with you wherever you go. The first single from the record, The Best I Ever Had, is most certainly the single, energetic, catchy and one of the more “pop” themed songs on the album, and quite simply, as radio as this band will get.

The second half of the record slows the pace beginning with the acoustically driven Better Things followed by the dirty but emotional On The Line. One of the highlights is saved until the end with Nothing More To Me, which constantly sounds like it is on the verge of exploding but maintains its rocking pace.


As far as song writing goes, this is The Swellers’ best record, however many fans will no doubt criticise the band for their more polished sound. The music may not be as punk rock as their previous works but these are certainly still punk rock songs and ones that should be heard.


1. Runaways
2. Inside My Head
3. The Damage
4. Parkview
5. The Best I Ever Had
6. Better Things
7. On The Line
8. Nothing More To Me
9. Prime Meridian
10. Warming Up

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