Job for a Cowboy – Gloom (EP)


Gloom (EP)


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77 / 100

Didn’t realise The Black Dahlia Murder were going to release an EP right before their new studio album drops? Ok, perhaps not. However, light-hearted and totally innocent sarcasm aside, sophomore EP from Glendale metallers Job for a Cowboy really has a contemporary riff-heavy feel to it that, at times makes you feel like this has TBDM‘s fingerprints all over it. And to be perfectly honest there are no complaints here.

The band that was responsible and equally catalysts for the pig-squeal trend in deathcore four or five years ago have now adopted, supported and cultivated a sound that is strong, heavy and genuine. Listen to ‘Doom‘ and then chuck on this EP ‘Gloom‘ (nice little titles, ‘Doom & Gloom’) and the differences are paramount and the improvement significant. This is just trademark, traditional and consistent. All qualities essentially mesh together to form a cohesive release, albeit in a small EP form.

While the style found on ‘Doom‘ worked well at the time, a progression was necessary. Thankfully, that musical development is moving in the right direction and the improvement is natural instead of favouring contrived trends. In the same way ‘Ruination‘ bettered ‘Genesis‘, ‘Gloom‘ arguably again succeeds any previous attempts.

Coming in at four tracks long and clocking in at under 16 minutes, ‘Gloom‘ is a concise offering that is promising for any future full-length, studio album plans. There’s no electronic samples, token breakdowns or Morbid Angel-type shifts in sounds. Rather, it is just straightforward and linear in approach.

Opening track ‘Misery Reformatory‘ is deep and menacing, balancing well with frontman Jonny Davy‘s guttural vocals. Similarly, ‘Execution Parade‘ is probably the pick of the bunch and also the heaviest track that once again is guided by dominant riffs and accurate blast beats. The remaining two tracks follow a similar script.

An honourable EP, which deserves a listen. ‘Gloom‘ is a perfect example of a band keen to improve themselves in the proper way instead of relying on safe, borrowed musical traits.


‘Gloom’s’ delivery is like a brick wall. It’s unwavering and stoic. This four track release is what you want from a metal EP. Nothing grand but nothing lazy either. Any negative critiques attached to this band are long gone. JFAC are moving forward and it’s the listeners who are benefiting from it the most.


1. Misery Reformatory

2. Plastic Idols

3. Execution Parade

4. Signature of Starving Power

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