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Major label equals major attempt at mainstream.


65 / 100

Should it really come as a surprise that All Time Low would turn more pop with their first release on major label Interscope Records? It probably shouldn’t, but ‘Dirty Work,’ the group’s fourth record, is more pop than fans of the band could probably even handle.

For some reason the guitars have taken a real back seat throughout all of the songs which seem to all be trying their hardest to attract radio attention. The music is heavily produced and front man Alex Gaskarth clearly missed the memo explaining that auto-tune is no longer "cool" as his vocals reek of it.

Things don’t start out too badly with album opener Do You Want Me (Dead?), which is a catchy, melody heavy pop-punk track that is actually driven by the guitars, the only time on the whole record that they really shine. First single, I Feel Like Dancin’, was co-written by Weezer’s Rivers Como and ironically pokes fun at the radio pop wonders that this record seems to be trying so desperately to be apart of.

One of the best lyrical moments of the record is Guts, a synth-pop number that features a guest appearance from Maja Ivarsson of The Sounds and talks about youth being unique and not following the masses, irony once again considering the style of the song.

The lowest section of the record is Time-Bomb, a weak attempt at a dance number before things settle down for the piano driven Under A Paper Moon. The string arrangements and acoustic guitars in Daydream Away are a nice shift from the electronic sheen of the other tracks proving that pop music doesn’t always have to be drenched in synthesisers and auto-tune. The record ends with Heroes, the only song that is close to sounding like the band’s earlier works and the most rock sounding moment of the album.


The band has made the move that everyone probably expected them to but I struggle to use the word "punk" in reference to anything found on ‘Dirty Work.’ All Time Low are a pop band that are capable of writing up-beat songs that are catchy and fun but ultimately lack any real depth or soul.


1. Do You Want Me (Dead?) 
2. I Feel Like Dancin’
3. Forget About It
4. Guts
5. Time Bomb
6. Just the Way I’m Not  
7. Under a Paper Moon  
8. Return the Favor  
9. No Idea  
10. A Daydream Away  
11. That Girl  
12. Heroes

7 Responses to “All Time Low – Dirty Work”

  1. SteveC

    also found I Feel Like Dancin’ pretty weird. It’s like they know they are selling out, trying to poke fun of it but just end up highlighting how empty the music is.

  2. LukeC

    @Grimwade (3): I know why you would think that but I tried to rate the album for what it was and as far as radio-friendly pop music goes, it’s quite good, and I’d probably rather hear this on the radio that Ke$ha or some shit. Still I wouldn’t play this record by choice and I doubt anyone else who follows this site would either.

  3. LaraBC?A

    I actually liked it. Their previous albums were amazing, and this is a bit different, but still good music. Underserving of the dissing some people are giving it. Admittedly they may lose a few of their old fans but they’ll definatelg gain a few new ones.

  4. mickypop

    i still like atl but each release has gotten a little worse than the previous… there ep was there best release

  5. GedVsTheWorld

    i may be a little late on this, but i havnt heard this album before as i was away for 6 months. But what the fuck happened to all time low? These guys were fucking rocking it with their earlier albums, nothing personal started to get a little to mainstream but now, holy fuck is it all about the money these days? Surely they were getting enough making decent music without selling out and making fucking terrible music.

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