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The Human Highlight Reel


Run For Cover




For Fans Of

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A great collectors piece for any true Man Overboard fan.


85 / 100

Don’t you just hate the fact and process of eagerly awaiting a bands forthcoming record for months and months? New Jersey’s Man Overboard are an act that you can’t seem to lose interest in because of how active this four, recently announced five piece really are. With already having "The Absolute Worst" in stores since February, they are back with another full length compilation “The Human Highlight Reel", offering two new songs, remastered versions of "Dahlia" and "Noise From Upstairs", a Promise Ring cover and "Real Talk" b-sides.

Straight up is the first taste of new MOB, with their song "Driveway" clocking in just over two minutes, it’s a quick catchy rush, and you can tell the sound has matured vaguely since "Real Talk" once again. Following "Driveway" is the second and last of the new material “Melanie, Video Games And A Slight Fear Of Flying”. This track particularly is a stand out, it seems to me with this song the band has taken more of a 90’s emo approach rather than the pop punk sound that is used greatly throughout the band’s discography. “I Saw Behemoth And It Ruled” is used yet once again acoustically remastered and also as the full band version taken from “The Absolute Worst”. Although this track might seem a little overdone, it definitely only gets better and better with each listen. Die hard MOB fans will be happy to hear that two of the tracks from “Dahlia” also feature on the compilation remixed and remastered, as well as 2010’s acoustic EP “Noise From Upstairs".

Surprisingly snuck in the album is a Promise Ring cover “Red Paint”, which was unexpected by me, also the anticipated “Love Your Friends, Die Laughing” full band version which makes the acoustic number better than it already is. As the compilation rolls on there are a few "Real Talk" b-sides and an old officially unreleased song brought back to life. It’s nothing listeners haven’t heard before yet it is a great addition to the compilation.


If you haven’t jumped on the MOB bandwagon yet, I advise you to now. Whilst the band are working hard in studio writing for what I believe will be another solid album, they have left fans with a compilation filled with a bunch or rarities, b-sides and new material. Although a majority of the tracks are re-released or rewritten "The Human Highlight Reel" still offers a good variety of songs to new listeners and collectors.


1. Driveway
2. Melanie, Video Games And A Slight Fear Of Flying
3. I Saw Behemoth and It Ruled
4. They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Use To
5. Five Girls Pizza
6. I Ate My Gluestick
7. Love Your Friends Die Laughing (Electric)
8. Again
9. Red Paint (Promise Ring Cover)
10. Crybaby
11. 210B
12. Dylan’s Song
13. I Saw Behemoth and It Ruled
14. Dear You
15. Different People
16. Decemberism

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