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England, Keep My Bones






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90 / 100

If Frank Turner taught us one thing with his ‘Rock & Roll EP last year, it’s that folk music can still be punk. ‘England, Keep My Bones is Turner‘s fourth full-length record and possibly his finest from every angle, lyrics, music and all round artistry.

Opening track Eulogy is a deeply personal, soul baring song, something that would not come as a surprise to Turner fans, but in this case, a foreword explaining that he has given all of himself to the music that is about to follow.

This leads to the single Peggy Sang The Blues, a playful homage to his grandmother, complete with the necessary catchy melodies of a single. One thing the song writer has achieved on this album is versatility. Rivers is a dark and raw sounding song, the polar opposite to the single before it, whilst the mid-section of the record sees Turner turn into a beautiful poet as the music becomes lush and extravagant.

One of the stand outs in this section is I Am Disappeared, one of the more energetic songs on the record and also one of the most melodic. Another highlight is English Curse, a completely a cappella story that comes in like a curve ball proving that Turner is anything but complacent. In perfect contrast this is followed by the biggest moment of the album One Foot Before The Other, a great rock n’ roll track.

Things slow down as the album nears completion and then ends on a high point with the positive toned Glory Hallelujah. Don’t let the title fool you as the subject matter is focused on Turner’s lack of beliefs but is so catchy that even the Pope himself would want to sing along.


The title of the album is justified as the lyrics are rooted deep in Turner’s hometown and helps to represent the personal place this album is coming from. ‘England, Keep My Bones’ will not only keep his fans extremely happy, it will also cement him as one of the best songwriters alive at the moment.


1. Eulogy
2. Peggy Sang The Blues
3. I Still Believe
4. Rivers
5. I Am Disappeared
6. English Curse
7. One Foot Before The Other
8. If I Ever Stray
9. Wessex Boy
10. Nights Become Days
11. Redemption
12. Glory Hallelujah

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