Enslaved – The Sleeping Gods (EP)



The Sleeping Gods (EP)


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As far as EP's go, this is well-formed


78 / 100

You can debate, lament, or strongly agree, the fact is Norway’s Enslaved are grossly underrated. Unfairly so. And that is a profound comment in many respects because the band is quite regarded within its own musical community. It’s just you still get the overwhelming feeling their talent is largely ignored on a much grander and more relevant scale.

Last year’s brilliant studio release, ‘Axioma Ethica Odini‘ was rightfully lauded for its sublime and considered delivery, now free downloadable, five-track EP entitled, ‘The Sleeping Gods‘ picks up from where said predecessor left off, veering into a rich tangent of prog-styled experimentation and subtle metal textures. It’s a supplement if you will designed to move further away and delve equally deeper into the sounds found on ‘Axioma…

It’s clear, Enslaved care little for staying within the boundaries and instead take their music on a vaster expansion. It’s not exclusively black metal just as its not decisively prog rock. The EP just moves at will in an understated and confident manner.

Fourth track, ‘Nordlys‘ is the significant period here. It contains a substance sadly lacking in most heavy music today. The five-and-a-half minute instrumental is clear, brooding and switches mood throughout. Opener, ‘Heimvegan‘ is the recognisable track to kick things off with, channelling a similar sound to that found on studio album number eleven sans any guttural, screeching vocals. ‘Synthesis‘ doesn’t offer much while concluding song, ‘The Sleeping Gods‘ has a real traditional, almost folky Scandinavian feel to it.

EP’s are rarely designed to make much of a statement but this simple, honest and humble release is five tracks indicative of proper structure, musical calculation and collective forward thinking. Hard to find much fault. Now let’s get this band to tour Australia.


Enslaved quietly deliver a simple yet highly structured and effective EP which offers an insight into where the band seems headed. ‘The Sleeping Gods’ is further evidence that these Scandinavians don’t need to prove anything to anyone when the music does all the talking.


1. Heimvegen
2. Alu Misyrki
3. Synthesis
4. Nordlys
5. The Sleeping Gods

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