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A solid effort from a band seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.


70 / 100

It hasn’t been an easy road for Melbourne’s Trial Kennedy of late. After the release of their debut full length ‘New Manic Art,’ they had a line-up change, major surgeries, and a split from their management and record label. Being the ever-persistent hard workers that they are, none of this was enough to end the group, and instead of calling it a day like many would, they made a new album.

The band who are responsible for two of the finest EPs Australian rock has ever produced (2004′s ‘Present for a Day and 2005′s ‘Picture Frame‘) have managed to maintain their brand of rock mixed with indie and infectious melody hooks on ‘Living Undesigned,’ their second full length.

Upon first listen, there are no stand out singles, like ‘Neighbours‘ or ‘Colour Day Tours were on the debut, but as a whole, this is a solid release.

No time is wasted getting to the rock with opening track ‘Sally,’ which features one of the most memorable chorus lines on the album. Frontman Tim Morrison’s unique vocals are at full power, one of the band’s most defining characteristics, while Stacey Gray’s strong guitars are the driving force. The title track is one of the records most emotional and melodic moments before things take a dark turn on the energetic first single ‘Best Of Tomorrow.’ 

The group’s penchant for indie music reveals itself on ‘My Own,’ albeit as indie rock in Trial Kennedy’s view which still has plenty of balls despite the fact that it is the album’s softest track and includes excellent use of a string section. The record ends with one of Morrison’s finest vocal performances to date on ‘Arrest Room and the boppy body mover, ‘Two Dogs.’


If being honest, ‘Living Undesigned’ doesn’t feature any one track that stands up to some of Trial Kennedy’s past hits or fan favourites, but when looked at as a whole, this is an enjoyable release from one of Australia’s hardest working and talented rock acts.


1. Sally
2. Strange Behaviour
3. Living Undesigned
4. Exology
5. Best Of Tomorrow
6. My Own
7. Breathe A Dime
8. Cold War
9. Arrest Room
10. Two Dogs

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