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Balance and Composure - Tigers Jaw - Jawbreaker


An impressive debut by any standards.


92 / 100

Having released their well-received demo “Constant Headache” last year, young Californians Joyce Manor have impressively risen through the ranks to release this self-titled album via one of America’s more respected underground hardcore labels, 6131 Records. Joyce Manor’s debut oozes of classic golden state punk and emo influence. Their introspective, relatable lyrics and driving punk riffs have understandably attracted their fair share of Jawbreaker comparisons, but vocally and musically they’re far more intense and borrow equally from melodic hardcore peers. Their energetic punk tunes are in many ways similar to Tigers Jaw, while at times the discordant, chaotic riffs and desperate vocals are reminiscent of heavier bands like their pals in Touche Amore.

From the initial clanging, abrasive chords and weirdly violent lyrics of “Orange Julius”, it’s apparent that Joyce Manor offer a hugely original spin on the punk genre. This record isn’t instantly accessible but after a couple of listens you’ll be singing along to every song. Depressing and upbeat in equal measure, songs like “Beach Community”, “21st Dead Rats” and “Constant Headache” tell of teen angst, but unlike 99% of pop punk out there don’t rely upon standard clichés or contrived metaphors. What’s more, the anthemic line “everything reminds me of you” in “Beachside Community” is catchy as all hell. “Derailed”, “Famous Friend” and “Leather Jacket” are all wonderfully spiteful and relatable numbers which attack friends and lovers who’ve grown too cool. Riffs from “Famous Friend” and “Ashtray Petting Zoo” are reminiscent of early Green Day, showing the band’s penchant for 90s punk rock. Clocking in at less than twenty minutes, “Joyce Manor” wraps up with the album’s longest song “Constant Headache”. This track shows off the band’s best elements – the expert combination of quality melodic singing and strained screaming vocals, and of catchy lo fi rock with harsher punk riffs. Bravo fellas.


Joyce Manor are proving to be an exciting group amongst a cohort of outstanding young punk bands coming out of the States. This record is well crafted punk, which couples clever, relatable lyrics and great hooks with a good amount of raw, abrasive noisiness. With its combination of to-the-point songwriting, lyrical poignancy and catchy yet punchy riffs, “Joyce Manor” has the potential to be a defining punk record for this era.


1. Orange Julius
2. Call Out (Laundry)
3. Beach Community
4. Derailed
5. Famous Friend
6. Leather Jacket
7. 21st Dead Rats
8. Constant Nothing
9. Ashtray Petting Zoo
10. Constant Headache

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