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Melbourne rockers with potential.


65 / 100

After spending two years on the Melbourne line circuit playing alongside on some well respected acts, Sounds Of Sirus have released their debut EP, ‘Singularity.’ Heading along the same rock lines of Dead Letter Circus and Karnivool but with an slight, and for lack of a better description, emo rock twist, the group’s debut is a fine effort.

The record opens with Day By Name, heavy guitars which are out-shined by a very cool delayed lead riff which also carries he melodies of the chorus. I Won’t Be Listening follows which carries on the delayed theme in a Saosin inspired number that is one of the standouts thanks to the more adventurous performance from vocalist Josh Day.

The title track has a driving pace and borrows its melody ideas from the Birds Of Tokyo formula before Twisted Little Mind softens the feel with even more delayed guitars, which clearly the band are trying to establish as one of their staples, but are at risk of being over-used.

The single from the EP is A New Line, more delayed guitars over a punchy beat and one of the lesser memorable chorus lines making this an interesting choice for the single. Another standout track is Pantomime, thanks to its off kilter introduction which feature a wrestle between the guitars and drums in a simply brilliant way.

The closer, a track called Close My Eyes, is the record’s softest and most heartfelt track, during which everything strips back (even the delay!) and makes way for a hard hitting chorus using dynamics to an advantage.


For a debut this is a great start for Melbourne’s Sounds Of Sirus, however if it was a full length the band would probably run the risk of boredom due to the lack of variance in sound. Toning back on the delayed guitars would help as well, other then that, fans of the Karnivool-led rock scene will no doubt love this band.


1. Day By Name
2. I Won’t Be Listening
3. Singularity
4. Twisted Little Mind
5. A New Line
6. Pantomime
7. Close My Eyes

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