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When The Smoke Clears


Bridge 9




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Bridge 9 nabs another gem.


84 / 100

Flying the straight edge flag proudly, Atlanta hardcore crew Foundation have made quite a name for themselves in recent years with extensive touring alongside hardcore notables like Have Heart and Terror. “When The Smoke Clears” sees the band release their first proper full-length, their Bridge 9 debut and the follow-up to their well-received 2009 EP “Hang Your Head”. Foundation’s discordant sound borrows heavily from 90s heavy hardcore like Earth Crisis, Unbroken and Trial, as well as classic metalcore bands such as Martyr A.D. Despite obvious influences, however, Foundation also bring something new to the table.

While there’s a noticeable improvement in the quality of production and some tighter songwriting, “When The Smoke Clears” doesn’t depart from prior releases. It is extremely heavy, aggressive and moshable hardcore. Apart from a sample at the beginning of “Never Stops Raining”, this record rarely takes a breath and offers a truly full-on listening experience. The opener “Purple Heart” is an absolutely crushing example of this band’s dissonant style, with punishing vocals, slamming riffs and a final, chugging breakdown to boot. Having originally released “Devotion” on Triple B’s “America’s Hardcore” compilation, the reworked version called “Devotion II” sounds better than ever. This track is definitely one of the album’s highlights, featuring some tough-as-nails riffage and closing out with one of the discordant, brutal breakdowns this band does so well. “Anthem of Redemption” is another definite highlight, boasting one of the album’s most killer mosh parts, while “No One Writes Protest Songs…” features an awesome pit call which will undoubtedly become a classic. The closer “The Sound of Arson” rounds off the album memorably, fading out with gang vocals that choir the scream, “bang the drum”.


“When The Smoke Clears” offers ten tracks of pure, unrelenting sonic violence. Foundation’s latest effort holds absolutely no punches, this record proving them as one of the heaviest hardcore acts out there today. No doubt this quality release along with their enviable spot on the Bridge 9 roster will soon elevate their profile to that of other B9 bands like Have Heart, Cruel Hand and Defeater.


1. Purple Heart
2. At Your Mercy
3. Devotion II
4. A Thousand Ways
5. Anthem For Redemption
6. Calloused
7. No Cure For Fools
8. No One Writes Protest Songs…
9. Never Stops Raining
10. The Sound Of Arson

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