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Young Guns are one of those bands that most people probably haven’t heard of, but soon will, mainly due to the fact that they have just been added to the ever-growing Soundwave Revolution line-up. The British five-piece released their debut EP ‘Mirrors in 2009 and have been out on tour in support of it ever since.

During this time they recorded their debut full length ‘All Our Kings Are Dead with Dan Weller, who also worked with the band on ‘Mirrors.’ From the opening power chords and driving drum rhythms of first track ‘Sons Of Apathy,’ it is obvious that Young Guns are a clear cut rock band, heavy chorus, not-so-heavy verse, clean strong vocals, all the necessary elements.

Sounding similar to their homeland tour buddies We Are The Ocean, but with songs that are far more interesting, these “newer” bands seem to be replicating what Lostprophets did several years ago, just not as well. That being said, ‘AOKAD’ isn’t a terrible listen as many of the choruses will get stuck in your head.

The song’s finer moments are when they are at their heaviest and there are plenty of powerful, guitar driven rhythms, such as the strong opening of ‘Meter And Verse,’ one of the stand out tracks.
Guitar and vocal tones have little variance, which when coupled with the lack of stand out songs make it easy to lose concentration during the album’s midsection.

The record ends with the lengthy ‘Beneath The Waves,’ a sinister sounding assault with an extended heavy, yet atmospheric, musical ending.

The band have also included their ‘Mirrors’ EP as a bonus on the record which shows why it earned them Rock Sound and Kerrang! Magazine awards for ‘Best British Newcomer,’ as although it is not as produced as the album, it is a raw, energetic explosion of rock from start to finish.


Young Guns are a strong pillar, and one of the better, in the new wave of British bands who seem intent on bringing back the type of heavy rock music that has mainstream appeal.


1. Sons Of Apathy
2. Crystal Clear
3. Meter & Verse
4. Weight Of The World
5. D.O.A
6. Stiches
7. Winter Kiss
8. Elements
9. After The War
10. Endless Grey
11. At the Gates
12. Beneath The Waves


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