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Another quality release from a quality band.


82 / 100

Let’s be honest for a second, Transit are yet to put out a bad release, and their new acoustic record “Something Left Behind”, is no exception. The record sees the band taking on acoustic versions of some fan favourite tracks from all five of their previous records, a few new acoustic tracks, as well as a new full band track, exclusive to this release. Acoustic records are quite often fairly hit or miss, but Transit have done it well, highlighting their versatility in the way they can strip down their songs into acoustic numbers, and create an interesting and inviting experience for the listener.

Indoor Voices” kicks off the record in a way that you would expect from Transit, leading into the acoustic version of “Please Head North”, from the band’s split with Man Overboard and their latest full-length “Keep This To Yourself”, which is one of the bands more popular tracks. The track is a great example of the talent all members of the band possess, with the acoustic guitars mixing well with front man Joe Boynton’s voice, and the rougher backing vocals from guitarist Tim Landers, which is one of the real strengths of the band. The acoustic version of “For The World” is significantly faster than the original version on the band’s debut album “This Will Not Define Us”, adding some variety to the track. The build up towards the end of the track lacks the intensity of the original version, but is just as catchy, with Landers, who sounds as good as ever, pouring out the lines “I got time to kill, but I wont waste a second, because I’ve grown tired of waiting and wasting away.”

Just Go, Just Leave” is one of the new acoustic tracks the band is offering on the release, is backed by an effective, yet not overwhelming drum track, and has an overall passionate delivery from the band. The most forgettable track on the release, “Castaway”, from the band’s “Let It Out” EP and “This Will Not Define Us”, is the weakest track on the release. The track lacks the intensity and catchiness of the original track, and in this case, just doesn’t quite work as an acoustic track. Things pick up again with “I Hope This Finds You Well”, a great choice as a track from “Keep This To Yourself”, as it was one of the catchiest offerings on that record, making it an easier transition into an acoustic number.

The title track from the band’s 2009 EP “Stay Home” is one of their signature tracks, and is a perfect example of what has made Transit the band they are today. The guitar playing from Landers on this track is a real highlight, sounding just as good as it does on the original version. The gang vocals towards the end of the track are a welcome addition, lifting the energy of the track. The records title track clocks in at just over four minutes, and is another prime example of the songwriting talent on show in this band.

To put it quite simply, the full band track, “1978”, is the best track the band has released to date. Some people may dispute this, but after listening to the track numerous times, I stand by my comment wholeheartedly. This is the type of track you can just put on repeat and never get sick of it. While the guitar tone isn’t as aggressive as it has been on past releases, everything you have grown to love about Transit is still evident. One of the catchiest tracks the band has released, and a great way to finish the record.


Fans of the band will be happy with this release, as you get to hear different sides of the tracks you already love, as well as a few other gems, including what I believe is the band’s strongest track to date. If you are new to checking Transit out, I’d suggest you begin with their other releases first, but this record is definitely quality. Worth checking out.


1. Indoor Voices
2. Please Head North
3. For The World
4. Just Go, Just Leave
5. Castaway
6. I Hope This Finds You Well
7. Stay Home
8. Something Left Behind
9. 1978

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  1. backsideslappy

    Quality release – full band tracks sound better but the fact that they don’t just play power chords on the acoustic makes this worthwhile.

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