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Continuing their move forward.


77 / 100

The current trend is set. Fixed. Apparent. Somewhere along the line the blast beat and breakdown formula hit an abrupt dead end. But not a complete stop. Instead its taken a musical detour if you will.

It’s all about the technical side of things these days. Young bands are bringing out albums that make their elder statesmen want to go pull-out their theory books and immerse themselves in practice all over again.

Illinois’s Born of Osiris certainly embody this shift, with the word ‘technical’ now casually and quietly applied to the front of the sub-genre, deathcore. Studio album number three, ‘The Discovery‘ is anticipated and therefore going to open itself up to stricter critique, particularly when the band’s previous efforts have contained a strong degree of promise.

The Discovery‘ has no sense of subtly to it. Nor does it have any need to hide its influences. Meshuggah riffs. Check. Periphery like double kick patterns. Check. The Faceless type death metal. Also check. It’s heavy and technical yes, but opens itself up to a more complex sound at the same time. Hence, it gives this studio release a bit more substance, which is commonly lacking when most band’s try their hand at a similar undertaking.

Follow the Signs‘ establishes the tone of the album. Can’t disagree with its position as album opener due largely to its assertive, dynamic and driving approach that is riff and double kick heavy. Proceeding track ‘Singularity‘ offers a bit harmony in the guitars while ‘Two Worlds of Design‘ has a European feel to it. ‘A Solution‘ breaks from tradition with an ambient tone, dare we say like that found on Linkin Park‘s indifferent recent album (however, this is the one and only time there will ever be any comparisons made between these polar opposite acts). Moreover, ‘Behold‘ is a decent song to conclude the album. Perhaps a few more tracks like this and ‘The Discovery‘ would elevate itself from good to great.

The Discovery‘ walks a fine line. It is sandwiched somewhere between the shallow confines of metalcore and the unwavering intensity of a heavier style. If there’s one fault its that fifteen songs opens itself up to skepticism. It’s marginally too long. Why does it take fifteen tracks to get across everything that commonly 10 or 11 songs can easily achieve.

The Discovery‘ is consistent but the overall sound still needs a little tweaking before Born of Osiris can take their standing as one of the genre’s elite.


Subsequent studio albums entail more pressure. More interest. More expectation. Particularly when your debut and sophomore releases were so well-received. Born of Osiris are not quite there yet but they’re on the right path. Definitely one of the better outfits on the Sumerian roster.


1. Follow the Signs
2. Singularity
3. Ascension
4. Devastate
5. Recreate
6. Two Worlds of Design
7. A Solution
8. Shaping the Masterpiece
9. Dissimulation
10. Automatic Motion
11. The Omniscient (an interlude)
12. Last Straw
13. Regenerate
14. XIV
15. Behold

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