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Solid, enjoyable set of punchy tracks with a beautiful variety, from an evidently talented band.


80 / 100

The Latest Fashion marks the second album for Welsh rock band Attack! Attack! Now, it’s important not to get these guys confused with horrendous US emo-electro act, Attack Attack! (note the very slight and very confusing difference in exclamation marks). The Welsh Attack! Attack! are a talented, punchy rock band with great potential. Their debut was released in 2008 to little fanfare, but the second time around Attack! Attack! have brought it up a few notches from average to damn impressive. The Latest Fashion is down-to-earth heavy rock a la Lostprophets or Anberlin, infused with a pop-punk energy.

Opening with the dance-inducing guitar riffs of ‘Everybody Knows’, this album draws you in instantly and doesn’t quit till the very end. Second track ‘No Excuses’ is punchy and full of energy, but it’s third track ‘My Shoes’ which really captivates you. Steady, heavy guitar riffs underlay the flawlessly smooth pop-punk vocals of frontman Neil Starr.Blood on My Hands’ is probably the weakest track on the album, a basic mainstream emotive rock track, but it’s still incredibly catchy with it’s ‘whoa-whoa’ choruses. ‘Best Mistake’ brings a softer moment and slows the pace, but is followed by a treasure in ‘We’re Not The Enemy‘, alive with a glorious rock attitude and anthemic lyrics like "fuck myself up before I get put down again/ I swear to god that it won’t be long until this cycle ends". Emotive closer ‘No Tomorrow’ builds in beautiful acoustic crescendo, the perfect ending to a great album.

There’s never a dull moment in The Latest Fashion, and Attack! Attack!‘s mix of clean pop-punk with heavy rock edges makes for catchy, classy and down-to-earth tracks. You won’t find any filler here- every track is beautifully crafted and pulled off with finesse by an undoubtedly talented group of musicians. The Latest Fashion should mark the start of a great career for this band, who are undoubtedly the best thing to come out of Wales in quite some time.


Solid, enjoyable set of punchy tracks with a beautiful variety, from an evidently talented band.


1. Everyone Knows
2. No Excuses
3. My Shoes
4. Blood On My Hands
5. Seen Me Lately
6. Lastest Fashion
7. Nemesis
8. Best Mistake
9. We’re Not the Enemy
10. Not Afraid
11. No Tomorrow

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  1. PunkRawk101

    They should change their name,so many people who hate the other Attack Attack will probably see this and disregard-stupid exclamation marks

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