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Hi-Five Soup!


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Ridiculously absurd but ridiculously fun.


60 / 100

After numerous listens of this album, I still can’t decide whether I love or absolutely despise the Aquabats. The fifth studio album from this superhero-styled band, Hi-Five Soup! will be entirely polarising. Frontman Christian Jacobs is also co-writer and director of popular children’s music-based show Yo Gabba Gabba!, and it’s incredibly evident how that experience affects the playfulness of the Aquabats’ sound.

The music itself is a mix of fun ska/punk, sugary eighties synth-pop and simplistically fun riffs. The lyrics, though, are on an entirely different level of absurdity. “Hey Homies!” features lines like ‘we don’t need no thugs/unless those thugs was givin’ up hugs’. “Poppin’ a Wheelie” is a highlight, with shouting choruses, punchy riffs, and lyrics dedicated entirely to the love of poppin’ wheelies. “Pink Pants” is reminiscent of late 90’s rock a la Smash Mouth, inspiring claps and sing-alongs. ‘Food Fight on the Moon’ is about… Well, a food fight on the moon. Yeah, it is downright ridiculous. But if you can appreciate the humour, Aquabats are a refreshingly playful band with a beautiful simplicity, and some damn catchy riffs and choruses. It’s impossible not to smile amongst the high energy, juvenile party vibe that comes across through the entire album. If there’s one thing you can appreciate about this band, it’s that there’s never a dull moment throughout the whole of Hi-Five Soup!

The Aquabats have their own unique brand of tongue-in-cheek punk/ska, and if that’s your kind of thing then there’s no denying you will love this band. Complete with absurd superhero-style stage outfits, this band don’t take themselves too seriously, and it’s damn refreshing. They pull off their absurdity with such conviction it’s hard not to love them.

You’ll either despise or adore Hi-Five Soup!. I’m still unsure on which side of that fence I’m on. It’s ridiculous, tacky, and downright bizarre. But fuck it, I’m dancing.


A refreshingly fun album,definitely not for those who take music too seriously. If you can appreciate the absurdity, you’ll love it.


1. The Shark Fighter!
2. B.F.F.!
3. The Legend Is True!
4. Radio Down! (Featuring Biz Markie)
5. Poppin’ A Wheelie!
6. Hey Homies!
7. In My Dreams!
8. Just Can’t Lose!
9. All My Money!
10. Pink Pants! (Featuring Strong Bad[3])
11. Food Fight On The Moon!
12. Luck Dragon Lady!

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    An incredibly fun band, who obviously don’t take themselves seriously. They were one of my highlights at Soundwave this year.

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