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The Warriors may be past their prime.


68 / 100

Coming out of the abundant California music landscape in 2002, heavy hardcore crew The Warriors made a mark on the hardcore world with their debut 7” and album “War Is Hell”. Fast forward to 2011, and the boys are back with their fourth studio album “See How You Are”. The album begins on a serious, epic note with the title track “See How You Are”. Frontman Marshall Lichtenwaldt’s commanding vocals sound stronger than ever, and are well complimented by sinister-sounding gang vocals.“The War Unseen” is classic Warriors from its energetic rhythms and funky riffs to Lichtenwaldt’s Zac De La Rocha-inspired vocal style. What stands out as different, however, are the more intense guitar melodies as well as a noticeably all-round heavier sound.

The album certainly features the heaviest tracks The Warriors have ever released, with tracks like “Pit Of Shame”, “Seize The Fire” and “Here We Go Again” incorporating a much heavier tone than the grittier sound of “War Is Hell” or “Beyond The Noise”. “The Enforcer” features some deliciously ‘80s inspired thrash riffs, but whatever quality is in this track is offset by repeated bursts of unimaginative chugging guitars. On “Panic”, Winston McCall makes a quality appearance, delivering the punishing vocal performance which we’ve come to expect from the Parkway frontman extraordinaire.“Subirse El Muerto” is a particular lowpoint of the record. Its two minute running time is just dominated by cheesy nu metal riffs, and the contrived, ‘tortured’ vocals give Korn’s Jonathan Davis a decent run for his money.

The closer “Along The Way” again typifies what The Warriors are known for and is probably the strongest track on the release. It features great rock and roll riffs, a shit-tonne of energy and the best elements of their newfound heaviness. Badass riffage and big gang vocal parts help produce a great track, which fittingly closes out on a chugging, catchy breakdown.


“See How You Are” is a pretty good album, but in 2011 seems to cling onto a sound which in truth feels dated and stale. Nevertheless if you’re nostalgic for “War Is Hell” era Warriors think again. This record is polished, accessible Victory Records hardcore. The Warriors have long ditched the groove and raw hardcore riffs of their earlier records in favour of a far heavier and consequently more generic sound. While not a terrible record, “See How You Are” definitely won’t be a highlight of this year’s releases.


1. See How You Are 
2. The War Unseen 
3. Seize The Day 
4. Pit Of Shame 
5. Mental Chains 
6. Where I Stand 
7. Here We Go Again 
8. Subrise El Muerto 
9. Panic 
10. The Enforcer 
11. Along The Way

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