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Fireworks are a band to keep an eye on in 2011.


78 / 100

A follow on from the band’s debut full length album 2009’s ‘All I Have To Offer Is My Own Confusion’ comes the 4 track EP ‘Bonfires’ from Michigan 5 piece pop punk band Fireworks. Produced by New Found Glory’s Chad Gibert, their debut album was received very well and in the wake of their second full length, due for release some time in 2011, this EP provides a teaser to their fans, to get them excited about their next record. And to be honest, for fans of Fireworks, that’s exactly what this record does.
I Grew Up In A Legion Hall’ launches straight into pure punk-pop, it’s evident that the band has grown since their last record and more so has vocalist David Mackinder’s voice, seeming smoother and less scratchy than in previous records. This first song does exactly what it’s intended to do, with a year since their last release this is what a lot of inpatient fans have been waiting for, this record starts off strong and in my opinion well worth the wait.

The following song ‘Five Years‘ is a little less impressive, although still good, not quite as well delivered as its predecessor, bringing down the tone a little bit with a mid-tempo beat this song has a bit of a folk and country feel to it, the song at only 1:19 long may be a bit of a disappointment for some, but I have to give them credit for trying something different with this one.

Three quarters the way through the record and they bring their upbeat catchy pop-punk sound back with ‘Like Ships in the Night’ this style of song is what they do best. A completely different sound to its predecessor it’s a song I could definitely see as a great mosh pit song. Symbol heavy drums and a catchy chorus continue on for the closer ’Seasick’, not an entirely new song for some as it was delivered as a bonus track on their full length album, however as it was at the end of their last album it seems fitting that it would go great at the end of this album. Although I don’t know about you but I did feel a little but short changed at not receiving 4 new songs, however with saying that the 3 that they have delivered here are a perfect taste hopefully of what’s to come.


In my opinion an EP is a small taste of what the fans can expect from a bands next record, more often than not they are released before or between full lengths and it builds up the hype and excitement, with Fireworks fans i think ‘Bonfires’ has done the job. These boys have progressed well from their last record and although they may seem to have a little but further to go the potential is definitely there. If they play their cards right with this next record, 2011 will be a great year for Fireworks.


1. I Grew Up In A Legion Hall
2. Five Years
3. Like Ships In The Night
4. Seasick

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