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A serviceable debut


70 / 100

Hardcore has never been a timid man’s game. It’s charm and characterised appeal comes from its intensity not its sensitivity. It’s a strict adherence that seems to yield results more often than none. However, this literal approach is sometimes at the expense of diversity and variety in both sound and style.

Debut album from Tuscaloosa (how’s that for a name) five-piece Gideon entitled ‘Costs‘, is executed like experienced veterans rather than fresh faced rookies. Moreover, the music is engaging and precise, which is almost an unconditional prerequisite when it comes to hardcore. Although, the main issue (however slight it may be) is that ‘Costs‘ borders on the safe side of things once too often. Put simply, the delivery certainly sounds experienced and confident but the blueprint used is a tad on the typical, narrow and conventional side.

Production wise the album is tight, performance wise the release is solid but at times there is no discernible differences that are going to set Gideon apart from other bands. It is not necessarily a damning slur but rather a small critique. There are plenty of bands that tackle the tough guy persona in their music to the point that it can lose a degree of lasting impact after a period of time if done repetitively.

Gutcheck‘ is an impressive slab of hardcore in the vein of Remembering Never, with a bitter delivery and forceful opening. ‘Foundation‘ breaks up the heaviness with some clean sung vocals in the middle, while ‘False Profits‘ represents the album’s best point. That is, no-nonsense, energetic hardcore. ‘Kingdom Minded‘ begins with a bouncing groove before adopting an approach similar to the tracks that preceded it.

For a young band, still learning the ropes, ‘Costs‘ is an adequate make-up that justifies future direction. The only thing slightly lacking is a sense of musical individuality. But that’s probably something that comes over time. Right?!


‘Costs’ is a considered and decisive debut release. Obvious potential is self-evident. So too promise. But both still need to be built upon. At the moment the sound is clear but not yet unique. A decent album this time around but if the overall style sounds the same in the future then longevity starts to become questionable.


1. Costs
2. Unworthy
3. False Profits
4. Gutcheck
5. Foundation
6. Brave New World
7. Virtue
8. Kingdom Minded
9. Dreams

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