Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster – Blood and Fire


Blood and Fire


No Death Records



For Fans Of

Queens of the Stone Age, Social Distortion


A surprisingly brilliant mesh of psychobilly, thrashy garage punk and baritone vocals.


89 / 100

Blood and Fire marks the third album for Brighton psychobilly band The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster. Releasing their first album in 2002, Blood and Fire is a surprise comeback for a band many thought had disappeared. Alive with bluesy riffs, stoner-rock melodies and the Nick Cave-esque baritone vocals of frontman Guy McKnight, this album is a definite winner.

The whole album is a kind of mesh of different ends of the musical spectrum – infusing punk, garage rock and psychobilly, with echoes of everyone from Queens of the Stone Age and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club to Johnny Cash. The result is a thrilling, energetic, dark breed of rock’n’roll, and it’s damn pleasing to the ears.

The first track on the album and lead single ‘Love Turns to Hate’ is a catchy rock anthem, full of energy and undoubtedly memorable. ‘Mission From God’ feels like Joy Division infused with a sexy rock energy, while ‘Under My Chin’ has a definite Queens of the Stone Age influence, awash with dark energy and gorgeous, howling vocals. Closing with the psychedelic-vibed ‘Are You Living‘ , there is never a dull moment on this album from start to finish. Blood and Fire flows with beautifully simple song structures, yet is wholly captivating and packing a punchy rock edge.

For a band with such a limited discography, this is a surprisingly great set of tracks, undeniably enjoyable and possessing an incredible diversity in style. As a whole, Blood and Fire is thrashy, catchy and downright irresistible.


A surprisingly brilliant mesh of psychobilly, thrashy garage punk and baritone vocals, this album marks the return of Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster after a six-year album hiatus. And they’ve certainly come back with a vengeance.


1. Love Turns To Hate
2. Mission From God
3. So Long Goodnight 
4. Under My Chin 
5. Riptin
6. Monsieur Cutts
7. I Hate The Blues
8. Man For All Seasons
9. Don’t Ask Me To Love You 
10. Homemade
11. Never Be The Same 
12. Are You Living

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