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A great example of new music for 2011.


86 / 100

Late 2010 saw the end of the influential punk sound of Crime In Stereo with the band ending their great career after 8 years, however as the news may have been devastating for some it made way for band members to move on to other things, and bass player Gary Cioni did just that. Although formed shortly before the break up of CISGary Cioni’s new band Daytrader, which is also made up of former members of Bridge and Tunnel, The Motorcycle Industry, Latterman and Divider have released their debut EP. ‘Last Days Of Rome’ is a refreshing new (but slightly old school) sound in the crowded emo/punk scene that we have become used to in recent times. Good things sometimes do come from bad news.

Kill My Compass’ is a great opener and even better introduction to the band, upbeat and catchy, straight into the emo pop punk guitar riffs then launches into the catchy vocals, straight off the bat I could see myself with this song on constant rotation. With any opening song and even debut EP in this case, this first offering it meant to get the listener hooked, to leave them craving for more and that is exactly what this first song does. With a lot of bands in this genre currently it seems like the sound the Daytrader is giving us as somewhat been missed, however still familiar but not at all tired or boring, making this record a refreshing treat for your ears, this song especially, is a winner.

Following the impressive opener is ‘Living’, kicking off a little bit heavier than its predecessor but still with the same formula with its catchy lyrics and upbeat sound. This continues through the entire 5 track EP but still with every song different and with its own identity. With ‘Grey Colored Glasses‘ bringing the tempo down slightly but with it picking back up again with final song ‘Death Means Nothing To Men Like Me’ this last song is another stand out on this impressive record. Almost as soon as the EP starts it’s over, leaving me with a little bit of excited to hear what they will offer for their full length.


New music in 2011 has started out on a good note with this record. A refreshing sound to the overly crowded scene, it is evident that this band knows what they are doing and they do it extremely well but still with room there to evolve. They have built a solid foundation for themselves with ‘Last Days Of Rome’, if they continue along this road, Daytrader is definitely one to watch out for.


1. Kill My Compass
2. Living
3. Last Days Of Rome
4. Grey Coloured Glasses
5. Death Means Nothing To Men Like Me

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