Abysmal Dawn – Leveling the Plane of Existence



Leveling the Plane of Existence


Relapse Records



For Fans Of

Decrepit Birth - Hate Eternal - The Faceless


No-nonsense third studio release.


73 / 100

Abysmal Dawn may be quiet achievers in a genre known for its outward personality but their music is anything but timid. It is not because the band is confused or unsure but rather more of a ‘going about your business’ type of characterisation. Put simply, Abysmal Dawn‘s unwritten manta is, ‘let the music do the talking’.

Third studio album, ‘Leveling the Plane of Existence‘ is as honest as they come. No pretence, no ulterior motives, just a considered and structured dose of technical death metal that has a real traditional feel to it.

Straight out of Los Angeles, the trio establish a solid sound feeding off strong influences and previous metal templates. In some ways this is a slight weakness as it plays a little too close and equally safe to likeminded bands but nevertheless gives some binding direction.

First things first, music aside, the cover art is quite impressive and certainly attention grabbing (although the upcoming Amon Amarth album may just have it pegged). We shouldn’t always judge a book (or rather album design) purely by its cover but in this case it can only work to draw a few more curious listeners in.

Title track ‘Leveling the Plane of Existence‘ as well as other noted song ‘In Service of Time‘ are the two pillars of this release. Both are heavy and controlled with some fierce riffs.

Looking past the cookie-monster vocals (not that the singing is bad or lacking in any way, just they do sound a bit like the blue beast) the rest of the tracks subscribe to a similar feel. Decrepit Birth‘s and Hate Eternal‘s fingerprints are all over this. ‘Pixilated Ignorance‘ is a consistent song, while ‘Rapture Renowned‘ has a rhythmic presence to it.

Perhaps a little texture and variety would help, as some songs blend into one another eventually sounding too similar. Their was a subtle melodic undertone that contrasted the brutality of previous releases, which would be a welcome retained quality in this case in order to to give the heavier moments more punch.

Some may call this generic at times, others may appreciate its ‘no bullshit approach’. Overall, good enough.


Abysmal Dawn are clearly on a diet of all things heavy. Although it won’t factor in many end of year music discussions this ten track offering is a more than adequate take on a genre that can sometimes be hard to find success in.


1. The Age of Ruin
2. Pixilated Ignorance
3. In the Service of Time
4. Rapture Renowned
5. Our Primitive Nature
6. Perpetual Dormancy
7. Leveling the Plane of Existence
8. Manufactured Humanity
9. My Own Savior
10. The Sleeper Awakens

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