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Killing Time


Wind-Up Records




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Brilliant combination of polish and raw emotion, the best from underrated band Bayside yet.


85 / 100

New York’s Bayside are characterized by their unique blending of punchy rock energy with dark, melancholic lyrics. The result is glorious, anthemic emo-rock, perfected in their latest album like never before. Undoubtedly, Killing Time is the most refined, polished and well-crafted of Bayside’s albums yet.

The band’s debut for new label Wind-Up Records (after four releases on the indie Victory Records), Killing Time was produced by the legendary Gil Norton [Pixies, Foo Fighters, Jimmy Eat World]. Norton’s influence is evident, polishing the raw edges of Bayside’s earlier work while assuring that Killing Time is still definitively Bayside, with its beautifully infectious, accessible melodies and morbid undertones.

Rather than significantly departing from their characteristic sound, Killing Time pulls together all the best elements of Bayside’s previous releases, refines them, refreshes them, and diversifies them. Opening with the fiercely energetic “Already Gone”, the album leads into catchy first single “Sick Sick Sick”, sure to be a fan favourite with its fist-pumping gang vocal chorus. The title track is rich with heavy guitar and Blue Oyster Cult overtones, while “Seeing Sound” has an operatic rock feel, with a spirited chorus and irresistible rhythm. Frontman Anthony Raneri’s soaring vocals layered on these bittersweet rock epics make for alt-rock at its finest.

Killing Time doesn’t ease up on pace until eight tracks in. “On Love, On Life” is a stripped-back piano ballad, and whilst providing a pleasant change of pace, is nothing memorable. Lyrically, the album is classic Bayside, combining uplifting melodies with dejected lyrics like ‘we are our only chance in the world’ (“It’s Not a Bad Little War”). Littered with bitingly clever lines like ‘you’re the type of girl who puts on cyanide perfume/then asks for a kisses on the neck from every boy in the room‘ (“The Wrong Way”), Killing Time is awash with irresistible irony and bitterness, yet somehow full of spirit.

The only downfall of Killing Time is that it doesn’t bring anything revolutionary to the table, and a lot of the tracks do feel very similar. Whilst sounding brilliant, coherent and polished, Killing Time is a little lacking in the raw emotion characterizing the band’s earlier albums. But if you’re new to Bayside, this is definitely the album to check out. A solid album with the perfect blend of familiarity and innovation, Killing Time will please old fans and attract new admirers to this habitually undervalued band.


This album will hopefully bring the attention this incredible band deserves. A solid collection of infectious, punchy rock songs, this is by far Bayside’s best yet


1. Already Gone
2. Sick, Sick, Sick
3. Mona Lisa
4. It’s Not a Bad Little War
5. Sinking and Swimming on Long Island
6. Seeing Sound
7. The Wrong Way
8. On Love, On Life
9. The New Flesh
10. Killing Time

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  1. juturna83

    Agree with most of the review except the part about lacking the raw emotion being a problem…whole record sounds like a considered ‘fuck you’ from someone in a pretty comfortable place who has finally realised how much time he has wasted on one person and stopped chasing false ideals

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