A Skylit Drive – Identity On Fire


Identity On Fire






For Fans Of

Chiodos, Dance Gavin Dance


A step backwards with generic ideas.


35 / 100

A programmed beat and repeated gang vocal chants that run for just over a minute leading into the actual first song which opens with double kick and frantic guitar soloing before a soft verse of high pitched vocals, sound familiar? It is, and it’s getting old.

A Skylit Drive never really released a great album but they were one of the more consistent post-hardcore bands around. Their last record, 2009’s ‘Adelphia,’ was pretty good, but now with their new record ‘Identity On Fire,’ the group have plateaued, releasing a record full of ideas that have been done to death and are simply uninteresting.

One of the main differences in the recording process this time round was the decision to use Cameron Webb (Silverstein, Pennywise), who has laid the polish on a little too thick and made everything sound over perfect. One of the better tracks on the record is the third single Ex Marks The Spot, which begins with some brutal screams and travels with a constant pace before a bright and catchy chorus, mixing a little electronica in for flavour. The lyrics hit a low point on The Cali Buds, a song about the band’s California friends (in case you didn’t get it), luckily the musical aspect of the track is significantly better than the vocals saving it from earning the skip button.

For some reason, vocalist Michael Jagmin’s extremely high pipes are a lot less bearable on this record compared to past releases, possibly due to the mix which sits them very much in the forefront. The best, and biggest, guitar riff on the album belongs to Tempt Me, Temptation, another highlight thanks to a heavy groove and contrasting sections which a put together nicely.

The record ends with the synth driven If You Lived Here You’d Be Home, another uninventive effort full of breakdowns and a perfectly measured sing/scream vocals.


This record is too generic to be memorable and is a huge step backwards for A Skylit Drive when compared to it’s predecessor. For a band that seemed like they had a lot more to offer this is a real let down.


1. Carry the Broken
2. Too Little Too Late
3. XO Skeleton
4. Conscience Is A Killer
5. Ex Marks the Spot
6. The Cali Buds
7. Your Mistake
8. Fuck the System
9. 500 Days of Bummer
10. Tempt Me, Temptation
11. Identity on Fire
12. If You Lived Here You’d Be Home

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