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Breakdowns anyone?


55 / 100

Perhaps Atreyu, Avenged Sevenfold & Bullet for My Valentine et al. should pool all their money together and buy Emmure a nice ‘thank you’ basket. The band has certainly taken the heat off the aforementioned outfits, assuming the mantle of one of metal’s most maligned bands.

Unfortunately, most of this is self-inflicted.

Sometimes haters just hate. It is an ingrained response, born out of jealously or perhaps delivered just for the sheer hell of getting a response. Neither option seems a likely account for Emmure‘s ire in this scenario. The compassionate side of the music listener wants to give this album a fighting chance. But while patience may be a virtue, fifteen tracks of the same typical, repetitive and unaltered material is overkill.

Adding a lower tuning and deeper vocals is the easy way to get a heavier sound. Consult Meshuggah on how to do it through progression, proper thought and technique.

Yes, the breakdowns are cool. Yes, they would certainly sound good live. And yes, they give the album a reason to be cranked loud. Just add some sort of variety around it. Please. There is a place in the current heavy scene for this sound but not if there’s no deviation from an already narrow musical blueprint.

There is no reason to condemn an album just for the sake of it. In a quest for objectivity, it is worth noting that there are some noteworthy moments. Lead single and most prominent track ‘Solar Flare Homicide‘ is solid, assertive and has a strong intensity and overall presence. A tick for the album indeed. The rest of songs on the album unfortunately are just much of the same. ‘Bohemian Grove‘ is respectable and ‘Last Word to Rose‘ is decent enough. That’s about it though.

Without harping on too much, what Emmure have perfected is the breakdown. It’s just everything used to compliment them that comes across as a secondary after thought to the point that it just sounds lazy. And the less said about the lyrics the better.

If As I Lay Dying are one of metalcore’s finest, this may be their antithesis.


Fourth studio album from US breakdown-loving metalcore outfit Emmure is nothing new or different from previous material. At least this is better than ‘Felony’. However, do yourself a favour and save your money another week and buy Darkest Hour’s new CD instead.


1. Children Of Cybertron
2. Area 64-66
3. Dogs Get Put Down
4. Demons With Ryu
5. Solar Flare Homicide
6. Eulogy Of Giants
7. Bohemian Grove
8. 4 Poisons 3 Words
9. Cries Of Credo
10. Last Words To Rose
11. A Voice From Below
12. Drug Dealer Friend
13. My Name Is Thanos
14. Lights Bring Salvation
15. Word Of Intulo

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  1. Anonymous

    Agree with iMarcus. I haven’t heard the rest of the album yet, was pleasantly surprised with ‘solar flare homicide’ which is a fucking killer track. This band has so much potential but continually fall short

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