Casey Jones – I Hope We’re Not the Last



I Hope We're Not the Last


The First Division




For Fans Of

Evergreen Terrace - Minor Threat - Comeback Kid


Swan song from straight edge quintet.


70 / 100

Album name borrowed from a Minor Threat lyric. Check. Cover art paying homage to the straight edge scene. Check. It is clear upon a cursory and very literal inspection that ‘I Hope We’re Not the Last‘ is a very obvious listen. However, this is not intended as a negative slur rather used to highlight the fact that Florida hardcore lads Casey Jones provide straightforward, no frills heavy music that is devoid of brooding complication. Essentially, you get exactly what you paid for.

I Hope We’re Not the Last‘ is bittersweet in many ways, marking Casey Jones‘s last studio album before calling it a day at the end of the year. Featuring past and present members of Evergreen Terrace, this offering is ten tracks of punk inspired hardcore that while predictable is made up for by a sustained intensity.

Sometimes you just need something fun to break up the mundane and/or overly complicated albums that make up most of the musical landscape today. This might just be the album. Yes, it may be flawed. And, yes it may be similar in approach but ‘I Hope We’re Not the Last‘ is nevertheless an honest attempt at hardcore that doesn’t pretend to be a masterpiece or masquerade as this decade’s ‘Jane Doe‘.

Beginning with ‘Hammer the Nails‘, the metronome and pace is set early and seemingly locked in, with the album staying in the same range throughout. ‘Louisa‘ is another pit inducing, two minute frantic exercise that wears its influences on its sleeve.

Tracks such as ‘Birdman Got Hit By a Trolley (AAA)‘ see a little melody introduced to the guitars. While song titles like ‘If James Hetfield Can Stay Straight Edge, Anyone Can‘, show the lightheartedness of this album. ‘Fisher Price My First Friends‘ is probably the strongest moment.

It is ironic that on this last serving, the Casey Jones sound seems its most rounded. There is no ambivalence or ambiguity that plagued earlier releases. If this is Casey Jones‘s final offering, they can go out with their heads held high. Nothing great here but something to play loud for a few momentary thrills.


‘I Hope We’re Not the Last’ completes the Casey Jones catalogue. In direct reference to the band itself, this studio album is a fitting way to end proceedings. Like most things, our lingering impression is usually formed by what a band delivers last. While not a hardcore masterpiece by any means, this is still Casey Jones’s best work to date.


1. Hammer the Nails
2. Butt Hash
3. Between The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
4. Louisa
5. Birdman Got Hit By A Trolley (AAA)
6. Fisher Price My First Friends
7. If James Hetfield Can Stay Straight Edge, Anyone Can
8. Sugar Coated and Deep Fried
9. Spittin’ On Reptiles
10. I Hope We’re Not The Last

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