Cold War Kids – Mine Is Yours



Mine Is Yours


Mercury Records




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Modest Mouse, Something Corporate


The same catchy melodies but a new, bigger sound.


90 / 100

The Cold War Kids do not release bad singles. Seriously, look at every single they have ever released and you will see that they are all great songs, catchy as all hell and brilliantly simple. Louder Than Ever, the lead single to the band’s third album ‘Mine Is Yours,’ is no exception, the chorus will stay with long after the song has finished because that is what the Cold War Kids do, they are the masters of melody.
Before beginning the recording process the band knew that they wanted a bigger sound on this record than on their previous releases. To achieve this they recruited the production talents of Jacquire King (Modest Mouse, Kings of Leon), who has clearly done his job because the fuller sound is obvious from the very beginning with the opening, and title track.

The perfect balance of bluesy guitar and piano style riffs that this band excels in hits its peak with Royal Blue as the keys shimmer and the guitar gets funky. The vocal melodies, which are always a highlight, take centre stage in the reverb drenched Finally Begin, as front man Nathan Willet, belts out his imperfect and unique phrases over an atmospheric, guitar heavy canvas. The half way point sees the band get a little freaky with Out Of The Wilderness, a collection of various scatter brained riffs that borders on chaos and brilliance.

Simplicity is a very important element of the Cold War Kids, as it allows them room to move in their music, something like a lone drum beat can speak volumes if it’s written well and played with soul, just like the one in Skip The Charades, and just like pretty much everything this band does.

The group channels the sounds of their debut album on Sensitive Kid, which is driven by its constant beat and slick guitar work. One of the records gems is saved until the end with Cold Toes On The Cold Floor, a jazz influenced number that features the raw playing style that the group capture on record so well.


As far as indie rock bands go, Cold War Kids are one of the best around at the moment and ‘Mine Is Yours’ means that so far they are three for three in excellent records.


1. Mine Is Yours
2. Louder Than Ever
3. Royal Blue
4. Finally Begin
5. Out Of The Wilderness
6. Skip The Charades
7. Sensitive Kid
8. Bulldozer
9. Broken Open
10. Cold Toes On The Cold Floor
11. Flying Upside Down

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