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The Only Place I Know


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Daylight – Transit – Brand New


Citizen are a band to look out for in 2011.


74 / 100

Releasing a split can work in two ways for bands who decide to release them. The best possible outcome is that both bands release great material, making the split a positive move for both bands, and it ends up being a memorable release for them both. The other is that one band completely outshines the other, with their side being played constantly, and the other side being virtually forgotten. Unfortunately for The Fragile Season, the latter has occurred on this split, as Citizen have blown them away on this split EP effort, entitled “The Only Place I Know”.

Citizen kick off the split with three tracks that would be appealing to you if you were a fan of the Run For Cover Records roster. I first heard the opening track “Fremont” on the Either/Or RecordsEither/Or And More Vol. 2” sampler, and was blown away by the band. The sound on the track can be best described as Settle For Less meets Daylight, as the band is playing a slice of emo influenced pop punk. The second track “Walking Distance” is a bit poppier and catchier than it’s predecessor, with vocalist Mat Kerekes driving the track with his impressive vocals. “Common Weather” closes out their side of the split, and is more in the same vein as the opening track. The repeated gang vocals of “I know that things are changing now” send the track out in a big way, with Rachel Minton of Zolof The Rock and Roll Destroyer providing her luscious vocals to the ending.

It was always going to be a tough task for The Fragile Season to top Citizen’s impressive side of the split, while their indie meets post-hardcore sound isn’t anything amazing, it shows that they are a band who have the potential to grow into something much better. The opening track “Father’s Pride” tends to drag on a bit longer than it should, with the track going for nearly 6 minutes. Fans of Brand New would more than likely be into this band, although I’m not sure if a comparison to Brand New is necessarily a good thing, considering that Brand New stand head and shoulders above most bands. “The Night You Showed Me Hallelujah!” is the stand out track on their side of the split, taking a strong influence from “Devil And God” era Brand New and also at times the new kings of the genre, Balance And Composure. I believe the bands next release will be much better, and if anything, this split has put them on my radar.


The split provides a great introduction to Citizen, but leaves you wanting more from their side. The Fragile Season show potential to be a solid band, but unfortunately they are outperformed by Citizen’s material on the split. Both bands should be releasing new material this year, but Citizen is the band you should really be paying attention to.


1. Fremont
2. Walking Distance
3. Common Weather

The Fragile Season
4. Father’s Pride
5. Mediumship
6. The Night You Showed Me Hallelujah!

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