The Story So Far/Maker – The Story So Far/Maker – Split


The Story So Far/Maker - Split


Pure Noise Records




For Fans Of

New Found Glory, Lifetime, The Wonder Years


Short, Fast, Loud.


85 / 100

There are so many young and upcoming bands bursting through the "new wave of pop punk" these days, and only few seem to stand out. Hailing from East Bay, California is The Story So Far playing a style reminiscent to New Found Glory and The Starting Line but still leaning towards the punk vibe with energetic vocals and ferociously fast drums. Even though TSSF influence from many popular pop punk bands today, they still seem to breed their own style.

On the other hand we have Maker, five dudes hailing from Boston, Maker still take the pop punk approach towards their style yet it is slightly rougher, with more of a raw feel to it.

The Story So Far open the split with the ironically titled track "Brevity", as it clocks in at 48 seconds, which then leads into "Mt. Diablo". I first heard this song on Youtube off some low quality live footage someone had uploaded before the track was even released. From listening to the song in the footage I knew the recorded version was going to blow my mind when I heard it, and that it did. "Mt Diablo" contains everything a great pop punk song needs, the guitar work and overall chemistry of the band are one of the many aspects that stick out the most. Easily my favorite track on the split. Following "Mt Diablo" is the last track on their side titled "680 South", which carries on the bands tendency to write memorable melodies. Vocalist Parker Cannon‘s voice definetly shines throughout this song, supplying one of the catchiest hook filled choruses ever written by the band.

On Maker’s side the band offers two new tracks, compared to previous release "I-91" there are signs of improvement. Everything is clearer, especially the vocals. Maker have seemed to have ditched the rough sound and become cleaner, which is evident in all instruments throughout their side. "19 Maple St" would have to be the standout out of the two, short, fast and loud, how pop punk should be played. Overall I had higher expectations for this side, which failed to succeed.


This split is a solid release and will help the bands gain more ground, yet I was expecting more. With both acts being so young, I cannot wait to hear their future releases.


The Story So Far

1. Brevity
2. Mt Diablo
3. 680 South


4. 19 Maple St
5. Sink Or Swim

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