First Blood – Silence Is Betrayal



Silence Is Betrayal


Bullet Tooth Records




For Fans Of

Cro-Mags, Bad Brains


Trying for classic hardcore but not being as good.


45 / 100

When First Blood first came on the scene they were hailed as a hardcore supergroup of sorts, mainly due to the fact that the line-up consisted of former members from bands such as Terror, Sworn Vengeance and Embrace The End. The fact that their debut album ‘Killafornia was pretty damn good helped to cement the band’s popularity. Now back with their follow up ‘Silence Is Betrayal,’ the band have continued their brand of straight edge, politically conscious theme, with what is essentially ‘Killafornia‘ part two, but far less creative.

The first actual song, which is the third track Preamble, shows that the band have taken a more metal approach to their writing style and in turn have lost some of the old school hardcore feel found on their debut. One of the better tracks is Enemy, which almost sounds like it was inspired by Slipknot, has an aggression that floods in the opening moments and carries throughout the whole song, even during the breakdowns and group chants.

The album is littered with various political quote samples, possibly too many considering the already short length of the record. The band are at their strengths when they are at their angriest, Detach, is another example of one of the best moments as it blends blast beats with short, stabbing chants, as well as a very effective sample of a plane landing to end its breakdowns.

The album ends with its longest song, Armageddon II, which explains why the other songs are so short, because length is not this groups friend, especially when they insist on the standard, speed then breakdown formula, which by this point will leave few with any patience for this record.


Clocking in at just over half an hour, ‘Silence Is Betrayal,’ is a straight up hardcore album that will not satisfy old hardcore fans, but will be more than adequate for the younger generations that are not aware of the records that came before it.


1. Intro
2. Silence
3. Preamble
4. Enemy
5. Resist
6. Truth
7. Detach
8. Enslaved
9. Confront
10. Fear
11. Occupation
12. Fascism
13. Lies
14. Messenger
15. Survive
16. Armageddon II

6 Responses to “First Blood – Silence Is Betrayal”

  1. benO81

    Damn, what a shitty review. I think the author needs to do his job and actually REVIEW the album, even if he does not actually like it. His review goes something like this; TOO SHORT, NOT OLD SCHOOL, SOUNDS LIKE SLIPKNOT, STANDARD HARDCORE FORMULA. Don’t get me wrong I can see what he is doing giving a “short” album an equally “short” review, VERY CLEVER. Have another go mate:)

  2. LukeC

    @benO81 (1):

    If the record was more interesting I would have given it a more interesting review, but it wasn’t, so I didn’t.

    There is enough information here for someone who hasn’t listned to the album to decide if they want to or not, that’s the point of a review.

  3. Anonymous

    Im certainly not young (in my 30s) and I thought this album is fking cool! Not sure why this got panned and the Warhound ep (which is just ‘ok’ ) got a glowing review. I know it was a diff reviewer but fk me, they’re basically a Biohazard cover band. Not hearing the Bad Brains influence either. First Blood rock! ! !

  4. marcatalyst

    fuck me really 45!?

    i loved this album to the death sure its just straight up hardcore , but really lyrically the topics that this album cover are fucking amazing relevant to today and catchy and isn’t that what hardcore should be about ?

    one of my favorite release for 2010 with out a doubt.

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