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The Fire


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Saosin, Thursday


Some slight, much needed, progression for Senses Fail.


65 / 100

After recently touring our fine country Senses Fail made one thing clear, that they have seriously stepped their game up. Those who caught them a few years ago on the ‘Taste Of Chaos’ tour will agree that the band was woeful, however after their latest visit in support of their fourth record ‘The Fire,’ things are looking and sounding much better.

Those expecting some revolutionary take on the post-hardcore genre from this record will be disappointed, but were also fools for expecting that in the first place. Although Senses Fail have not strayed too far from the formula, they have managed to release one of the strongest records of their career.

Vocalist James “Buddy” Nielsen, has never really been a great singer, he even admits this himself, but there is an obvious improvement in his abilities on ‘The Fire’ that actually makes the vocals one of the stand out, driving features. The opening and title track shows Nielsen’s strong new scream, which rears its brutal head quite consistently throughout the record, giving the band a heavier edge than on past releases.

There are the lighter, brighter toned moments such as the song Safe House, which has its roots planted firmly in pop-punk, but it is the heavier sections that shine. Perhaps Senses Fail should switch to straight hardcore as the highlights of the album, such as the blistering Lifeboats and Coward, make it seem like the band are more comfortable there. As well as the enjoyable head banging parts, those who love to sing will find something here too, as there are some very catchy chorus moments. Tracks like New Years Eve and Nero, contain the best hooks and melodies on the record and possibly the best of the band’s entire catalogue.

As an added bonus the album comes with a live DVD of a show that was recorded in the group’s home town of New Jersey, featuring a sub par live set and interviews with the members.


This is one of Senses Fail’s finest moments however they should be warned, this is the last time they can release an album like this, if a drastic progression isn’t made on the next record, then many a fan’s patience will certainly be lost.


1. The Fire
2. Saint Anthony
3. New Year’s Eve
4. Safe House
5. Coward
6. Landslide
7. Headed West
8. Lifeboats
9. Nero
10. Irish Eyes
11. Hold On

2 Responses to “Senses Fail – The Fire”

  1. PunkRawk101

    Yeah agree not much progression,few great moments but nothing hugely different-i thought the dvd was the best bit haha even if live set isnt very engaging sound is pretty good on that.Great production from Brian McTernan-guy makes albums sound so much better than the would be

  2. Grimwade

    I love this album, I’m a huge Senses Fail fan!
    Although this was slightly different from their others, the main differentness recognized
    was that it has lost most of its original Post-Hardcore and has become a little bit watered down, yet that is necessary a bad thing because you end up with songs with great choruses Safe House, Irish Eyes, Nero, etc 8.5/10

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