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Transitions (EP)





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Are EP’s fast becoming an outlet for band’s to return to more traditional roots without diminishing the sentiment of a full length release? If the last six months are the general yardstick then it appears highly likely. The Devil Wears Prada channeled a more standard metal sound on ‘Zombie’ while Alexisonfire explored their older hardcore roots more intimately on ‘Dog’s Blood’.

Enter Silverstein and their new EP, ‘Transitions’ – an ode to conventional post-hardcore mixed with a trademark melody.

Let’s face it, ‘post hardcore’ has always been a polite euphemism applied to band’s that don’t necessarily want to be pigeon hold as ‘screamo’, ‘emo’ or whatever whiny genre that contains negative musical connotations.

Clocking in at around fifteen minutes and featuring five songs, ‘Transitions’ is neat and tidy without being muddled and overly complex. It explores the bookend areas of the band’s sound with some songs set to feature on Silverstein’s forthcoming studio album.

Transitions’ might just be the most apt title in this case – the band having left Victory Records and joining Hopeless Records recently.

Sacrifice’ and ‘Dancing on My Grave’ are the two most prominent points, which highlight Silverstein’s contemporary style. A slight breakdown-laden feel is balanced by small heavier passages and melodic chorus sections. ‘Replace You’ is the token acoustic track while it is worth taking a moment to check out Silverstein’s take on Nine Inch Nails, with their cover of prominent track ‘Wish’.

Where this EP falls down is the fact that it seems to play itself safe. At least the aforementioned TDWP release had the commitment and courage to explore a heavier sound. Silverstein instead just present everything we’ve heard before, albeit in a smaller quantity.

After a decent previous studio album (‘A Shipwreck in the Sand’) the signs look good in 2011 for Silverstein. ‘Transitions’ is an adequate EP but only contains value to those who already enjoy the band’s overall sound.


EP’s are interesting case studies. Does half the content mean half the effort? Silverstein deliver a consistent five track offering, which bodes well for their forthcoming album. However, as a general statement, this release is not going to be banging down too many doors.


1. Sacrifice
2. Darling Harbour
3. Dancing on My Grave
4. Replace You (Acoustic)
5. Wish (Nine Inch Nails cover)

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