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The time has been taken to create a near perfect record.


90 / 100

There are a couple of things that let you know, before even hearing this record, that it will be excellent. The first is the fact that Jimmy Eat World took three years to make it, meticulously crafting the songs to make them all perfect. The second is the simple fact that this band does not make bad albums. Never a group to let their fans down, the quartet have delivered another album full of stunning music, beautifully recorded and written.

The lyrical approach for this record was little different to the group’s usual method with vocalist Jim Adkins basing the theme around photo books, for which he created a fictional story.
The album kicks off with a bright acoustic guitar and hand claps in Heart Is Hard To Find, as well as the beginning of what will become a plethora of perfect melodies throughout the record.

This is then followed by the first single My Best Theory, the most “Jimmy Eat World” sounding song on the record thanks to its big rock riffs and chorus which sounds reminiscent of older Jimmy material. Higher Devotion sees the band shift the style slightly and incorporates a dance influenced sound before sinking back into some friendly radio rock with Movielike.

There is a sad overtone throughout all of the music in this record, especially the string riddled Littlething, which includes some well fitted Xylophone work. A new element that stands out on this album is the back up vocal work of Courtney Marie Andrews, who features on a number of songs, but is a stand out in the title track Invented. Another little surprise is Action needs An Audience, which sees guitarist Tom Linton singing the main vocal line, which he also penned the lyrics for.

The album ends on a strong note with Mixtape, a standout thanks to its soft piano and electronic beat which carries an emotional vocal line that will hook you in from beginning to end.


Jimmy Eat World have successfully found the balance between progression and respect of the past which means that no one can complain about the content of ‘Invented,’ and why would you when it is so damn good.


1. Heart Is Hard To Find
2. My Best Theory
3. Evidence
4. Higher Devotion
5. Movielike
6. Coffee and Cigarettes
7. Stop
8. Littlething
9. Cut
10. Action Needs An Audience
11. Invented
12. Mixtape

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